So, everybody gets a look

When I attended the U of R, the lineup of drunks photocopying their body parts on the Students’ Union photocopiers during buck-a-draft night got so extensive that business manager Dwight Keen finally put up a sign: “WARNING; photocopying your genitals can lead to sterility and impotence.”

Well, according to this CBS story, it could cause a lot more. Newer photocopiers, that contain hard drives, retain a lot of information that is supposed to be secret …

hat tip to Crooks and Liars.

Rosie LaRose’s top six this Thursday

1. THEY’RE MAKING MOVIES — MAYBE The Jurist does a pretty good job in finding holes (Accidental Deliberations)  in Dustin Duncan’s new strategy in bringing in a 13-part CBC comedy series to the Regina film studios. (CNW) (Personally, I wouldn’t want to get into bed with the CBC regarding filming a television series: after the first season, Little Mosque on the Prairie’s set was hauled lock-stock-and-barrel to Toronto, with a token week’s worth of filming outdoor scenes in Indian Head). In order to make up for the loss of SCN to Saskatchewan’s film community, the Saskatchewan government will have to spend about 10 times the money they’re ‘saving’ by closing SCN — with absolutely no assurance that the end product will play any role in Saskatchewan’s culture. As Emma Leroy of Corner Gas would say, “Idiots.”

2. JAFFERGATE When Tom Lukiwski thinks you’re a slimeball, you’re screwed. ( The only real question left is not whether Jaffer’s and his wife’s stories can be believed: it’s what Stephen Harper and Preston Manning was thinking/drinking/smoking when he wanted this kind of people in his caucus. Liberal Catnip has a pretty good analysis.

3. ANGER MANAGEMENT One of Yorkton/Melville MP Gary Breitkreuz’s staffes gets canned after sending out a press release advocating Liberals use their fists on Iggy and calling the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police a cult. ( Which, of course is stupid because Breitkreuz hired the guy in the first place, and either the MP signed off on the guy writing press releases in his name OR that Breitkreuz actually authorized the release in the firs place. Liberal strategist/backroom boy Warren Kinsella has kept track of some of the dumb and threatening things Breitkreuz has said and done throughout his political career. ( Yes, I know that such collections are part of Kinsella’s job — he just does a good job of it. The fact that Breitkreuz, a man with such obvious anger management issues and penchant for violence, has a lot of guns, and wants more people to have access to firearms, should make Canadians want to sleep with one eye open as long as the Cons are in power.

4. THE INTERNET JUST GOT A LOT LESS INTERESTING The producer of the 2005 movie Downfall is now demanding YouTube remove the Hitler meltdown parodies (MSNBC). You know, this calls for a Hitler parody … aw snap.

5. MEANWHILE BACK ON COUNTRY CANADA The CRTC has read the riot act to Mothercorp regarding its’ rebranding the Country Canada channel as CBC Bold.(Globe and Mail) Considering that many of the other networks involved in specialty channels have rebranded their networks in order to attract more eyeballs (for example, the History Channel shows CSI: NY and MASH, fictional shows with no real historical content), and CBC’s rebranding of Country Canada channel to Bold happened 18 months ago, so why is the CRTC now enforcing its regulations, and why only on Bold? From my end I think two things are at work. Since the Cons took over, government aqgencies have made life miserable for the CBC, and in June the CBC beins airing the World Cup of soccer from South Africa, and Bold was going to broadcast some of the games.

6. AND IF THE GUY WAS RIGHT, YOU WOULDN’T BE READING THIS The internet was going to be a joke, and other assorted predictions made 15 or so years ago. Thank you Mr. Know It All. (

Rosie’s Thursday Top Six

1. HOGWARTS ALERT: BEWARE OF MUGGLES J.K. Rowling doesn’t think much of the British Tory Party’s policy on single mothers. (Boing Boing via Rusty Idols)

2. OH. YEAH. Pope Ratzzo is visiting Malta and some of the locals want to tear down a sculpture that could be interpreted as a phallic symbol. Yes. The man carries a long, hard staff to public events, wears satin gowns, and lives in a palace surrounded by young single men, as notes. You don’t want to offend him (The Telegraph)

3. TEABAGGER ALERT The Texas governor advises ‘tea party’ demonstrators to make sure that they’re not infiltrated by liberals, making them into something they’re not. Like smart from all that booklearnin’ Or not Klansmen. (Houston Chronicle)

4. WELL, PAAAARRRRDON MEEEEEEE! Serge LeClerc said his pardon was a bigger accomplishment than Graham James’. (CBC Saskatchewan) The Jurist takes a look and called bulltweet. (Accidental Deliberations) He got it from Buckdog (buckdog). Does it make you wonder what else is fiction in LeClerc’s autobiography?

5. DON’T CALL ME ST. PETER, CAUSE I CAN’T GO Co-workers at the West Virginia coal mine where 29 died aren’t given time off work to attend the memorial service for the deceased. Company policy. (World Socialist Daily Forum)

6. RIDERS’ ROSTER SPOT OPENS It doesn’t look like Jason Armstead is going to make training camp — he’s charged by Mississippi police for breaking into a car and making off with his ex-girlfriend’s purse, and her gun. (Winnipeg Sun)

Rosie LaRose’s Top Six In The A.M. That For Some Reason Didn’t Post Itself Until The Afternoon

6 in the Morning1. THE FAMILY FEUD GAME SHOW AS AN AGENT OF SOCIAL CHANGE If wanting to have sex with Portia del Rossi means you’re anti-American, I guess I’m going to have to go elsewhere on my vacation (Gawker TV)

2. PRIME MINISTER JACKASS, MEET SUPERPRESIDENT Number of time Yann Martel has written to Stephen Harper, suggesting books to read: 72. Number of personal replies from Stevie: 0. ( Number of times Yann Martel has written to Barack Obama suggesting books to read: 0. Number of times President Obama has written to Martel: 1 (Canadian Press). Number of times Martel can vote in an American election: 0. Number of times Yann Martel can vote in a Canadian election: 1. Something’s wrong with democracy …

3. BEING A YOUNG TORY MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY An insider’s account of ex-Reform/Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer’s drunk driving arrest and lifestyle. (Toronto Star) Your tax dollars are paying for this.

4. WHO HAS THE LOGGING RIGHTS FOR WASCANA PARK: The provincial government also axed the Dutch Elm Disease monitoring/combat program? Good grief … (CBC Saskatchewan)

5. OH, UP IN SMOKE, THAT’S WHERE … A Qatari diplomat sneaks into the bathroom on a flight bound for Denver for a smoke (not allowed on American flights), and when the stewardess asks ‘what’s that smell?’ he says he’s a shoe-bomber. (New York Times). I just need an excuse to play Bob Seger’s “Get Out of Denver,” (YouTube) and Bob Dylan does a rockin’ version of it too … (YouTube).

6. SOMEBODY WANT TO REMIND US WHY LAYTON WAS DUBBED TALIBAN JACK AGAIN? With the president of Afghanistan acting about as stable as a duck in a paint shaker (The Guardian), and with the loss of Kyrgyzstan (The Guardian), whose pro-Western government has just been overthrown in a coup (probably losing a major air base for its resupply/staging missions), it’s long past due to wonder why we’re still in a war in a country that has defeated the invading armies of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the British Empire (three times) and the Soviet Army. New Democratic Party strategist Brian Topp says why we should bug out — right now — and not look back. (The Globe and Mail)

Who needs red tape when you have all those spare workers lying around?

Remember when Canadian business leaders were complaining about all the ‘red tape’ they had to face while doing their jobs? (Toronto Star) You know, all that stuff about safety and protecting the consumer interest? They don’t do that sort of thing in the U.S. And things are going just fine.

Oops. (Huffington post.

Double oops. (ABC)

Don’t worry, America. With a nine-per-cent unemployment rate, you can always find more workers.

Greg, you may have missed something …

Greg, Greg, Greg …

His blog post of yesterday (some disreputable magazine … er, um prairie dog) neglected to mention a few details. The Saskatchewan Roughriders make it their business, off the field, to know what’s what with the government’s activities. Between the loan guarantees which saved the franchise from bankruptcy in the 1990s, to financially backstopping Grey Cups in 1995 and 2003, the talk of a domed stadium in downtown Regina, and the sheer desire of politicians to surround themselves with successful jocks (watch for offensive lineman Gene Makowsky to run for the Sask Party in Dwain Lingenfelter’s inner Regina riding in the November 2011 provincial election), the Riders’ administration and board of directors have more connections to the cabinet than the senior civil service in most government departments.

And the Roughriders don’t want any hiccups when they’re planning their centenary celebrations (Leader-Post). And one of the plans was to release a DVD of the Riders’ first 100 years, to be made by Partners in Motion. Part of the financing was supposed to come from SCN, as they were to pay for the rights to broadcast the final product. This is fine, because none of the other Regina-based television station would have been able to make time in its schedule top broadcast it — their schedules are all set in Toronto and they couldn’t broadcast a locally made television show even if they wanted to.

But with SCN getting killed off, there’s a big hole in the budget for this project, and it’s now in limbo. And it’s pretty clear that the Roughriders were taken by surprise — given their connections, they would have been making alternative arrangements for funding the project if they had the slightest suspicion That SCN wouldn’t be able to pay.

So, given that the Riders have many and deep formal and informal connections to the Wall government, and given that the Roughriders didn’t know that an important project for their centenary commemorations was going to go into financial instability because one of its major funding partners — SCN — was being pulled out, then did the minister responsible for SCN, Dustin Duncan know about SCN’s fate before the budget was delivered? It doesn’t look like it.

I was wondering what happened to Bill Murray recently …

… but I don’t remember seeing this scene in Groundhog Day (WTOP):

PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (AP) – Police say they charged a Pennsylvania man with public drunkenness after he was seen trying to resuscitate a long-dead opossum along a highway.

State police Trooper Jamie Levier says several witnesses saw 55-year-old Donald Wolfe, of Brookville, near the animal Thursday along Route 36 in Oliver Township, about 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Dustin Contradicts Boss Brad

How important is local television to Brad Wall? Well, it sure was last last spring during CTV’s ‘Save Local TV’ campaign — Bell Globemedia’s attempt to get an extra $10 a month from you cable bill.

Go to this link (, head to the bottom of the page, and click on the video link for Premier Brad Wall’s testimonial.

Then, compare that to what Dustin Duncan, Saskatchewan’s culture minister, said yesterday about why the province shouldn’t fund SCN. (prairie dog)

So it’s okay to force cable consumers in Saskatchewan to pay higher cable bills so they can increase Bell Globemedia’s profits in Toronto, but it’s not okay to spend the equivelant of $5 a head to maintain distinctive Saskatchewan programming.

Brad Wall is Premier of Saskatchewan.

Rosie LaRose’s Six in the Morning — before he has his first cup of coffee, even

6 in the Morning1. ANN COULTER, FREE SPEECH MARTYR? Shorter Toronto Globe and Mail: So what if she’s demanding the right of free speech that she won’t grant people who oppose her? She’s a blonde and if Fox News has taught us anything, blondes are right about everything! (Globe and Mail)

2. IGGY’S GONE DOWN tale a look at the collection of comments The Jurist has collected from Liberal-friendly blogs (Accidental Deliberations) and those not so friendly to the Grits (Accidental Deliberations. Right now, I don’t think the Liberal Party of Canada could organize a fake orgasm on the set of a sex video involving Ron Jeremy.

3. THE GRAVE OF BARBARA FRUM IS SPINNING AT 1300 RPM How screwed up is the Republican Party of the United States? One of George W. Bush’s speechwriters — the gomer who took credit for the phrase ‘axis of evil’ and a Canadian to boot — is now one of the few voices of sanity remaining on the conservative spectrum. (Crooks and Liars). Glenn Beck will soon call for David Frum’s stoning.

4. MAYBE ANN COULTER WOULD FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE IN THE REDNECK PARTS IN THIS PROVINCE The Quebec government attempts to ban the niqab. Reasonabile accomodation is always in the eyes of the beholder. (

5. HMMMM … Ever notice that the Conservative government is no longer oinking about electing senators? Well, they let the American right wing do all the heavy intellectual lifting for them … and this Texas House of Representatives gomer doesn’t believe Americans should directly elect senators, but have senators appointed by the state legislature. (Crooks and Liars)

6. SCHOLARSHIP WOES Even though I’m of two minds regarding this latest U of R controversy, (Leader-Post), Jeffrey Webber is right about one thing. Canadian society is spending a lot more time glorifying our contribution to NATO’s effort in Afghanistan than figuring out why we’re there in the first place. Every society pays ‘lip service’ to its ‘heroes’: Hitler banned champagne and brandy from the Fuherbunker in honor of the ‘heroes of Stalingrad. Fat lot of good that did anybody.

Jon Stewart. The MAN

Even one of his biggest competitors, MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olberman, agrees. Taking down Glenn Beck is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, but Stewart …. well, this is up there with Stephen Colbert’s eviscerating of the Bush presidency at the Correspondents’ Dinner.

For some reason I can’t figure out, I can’t embed it here, so here’s the YouTube webpage.

RIP Dan Achen

I didn’t know him personally, as he left Regina before I moved from the farm to town. But Dan Achen was a friend of Mike Burns, and that’s good enough for me to think that the world is a poorer place without him. Here’s his obit in the Hamilton Spectator (he apparently died of a heart attack during a pickup hockey game, and as far as rock music deaths go, you can’t get more Canadian than that), Exclaim magazine, and the CBC.

Here’s something I didn’t know: Feist called him Uncle Dan.

Rosie LaRose’s Top Six In The A.M.

6 in the Morning1 UNLOCK THE FILES The Sask. Party refused to allow consent for an NDP motion asking the federal government to unlock the RCMP file on Tommy Douglas. ( The RCMP say they can’t do it because of ‘national security’, which probably means they’re pretty embarrased by what’s in there, the same way, when I was a teenager, I used to yell at my mom to ‘respect my privacy’ and not go through my room — especially where I hid those copies of Penthouse

2 DISSENT IS UNPATRIOTIC Since when did the Saskatoon city police become the armed wing of the Conservative Party of Canada? (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)

3 MORE ENTRANTS IN THE DARWIN AWARDS Instead of applying for student loans or trying to enroll in post-secondary programs, these two gomers decided that the best way to a better job is through the crowbar hotel. (Leader-Post)

4 THE GREAT SELL OFF? They may or may not be core assets, (Leader-Post) but selling off those profitable parts of Sask Tel doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense unless the Sask. Party wants to prove that Crown corporations don’t work — or at least they don’t wok when a government that doesn’t believe in the concept of Crown corporations is responsibility for Crown corporations’ welfare.

5 TAKING OUR LEADS New York’s Village Voice newspaper publishes its annual list of Gotham’s 10 worst landlords. (Village Voice) Wonder if prairie dog could get away with running a similar contest in Regina …

6 MISTER DRESSUP LIVES A Toronto city councillor bills the city $440 for renting three costumes from a theatre supply company so he can impress his friends and kids at a skating party. (Toronto Star)