Daily Aggregation: Godzilla!

daily-aggregation-21. The pride of Japan. The towering terror that is Godzilla will no longer be knocking down buildings in Japan as he has found a home on the island nation and is now a tourist “ambassador” for the country. What an inspiration to all giant, terrorizing creatures everywhere.

2. No more ads. If those ads on YouTube annoy you to the point of insanity there is a solution! YouTube has announced a new no-ad platform; you just have to pay for it of course.

3. Canadian morals. The LAPD recruits are being taught a little differently than their predecessors; they are being taught with Canadian values. All in the hope that these new officers can keep their car on the road, and shoot a gun only when absolutely necessary.

4. That’s enough Disney. First it was announced there would be a remake of “Beauty and the Beast”, then “Dumbo” was for some reason added to that list, then “Winnie the Pooh” inexplicably, now Disney has announced they will be doing a live-action version of Pinocchio. We get it, the “Cinderella” remake was as great as the classic but that doesn’t mean every single movie you have made needs to be redone!

5. Right out of a movie. Over Easter weekend thieves tunneled into a London jewelers vault and stole a, reported, $320 million in diamonds. This is too amazing and ridiculous to make up.

6. Good, but still gross. Blind audits in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) say that one in four health care professionals have clean hand. Which is good because more have clean hands than in past audits. It still gives me the willies though.

7. No more flying stressed. In Fort McMurray specially trained dogs are being brought in to help try and alleviate stress levels of the passengers. It may take some time for passengers to differentiate between the therapy dogs and the drug dogs though.

8. No more child institutions. Today marks the day when Lumos, a charity for the well being of children the world over, opens its American branch. To mark the occasion the organization’s founder, J.K. Rowling, wrote a beautiful article describing why this organization is needed in the world.

9. No Dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this clip. Jurassic World comes to theatres this summer and now we have a new clip to entice hopeful audiences.


Daily Aggregation: Dinos and Jon Snow

daily-aggregation-21. Dinosaur once again a dinosaur. After roughly 100 years scientists have decided the “thunder lizard”, the Brontosaurus is its own species of dinosaur. Maybe the next big discovery will be Pluto actually is a planet.

2. Chilling children’s show set to return. After 14 years without a “Teletubbies” induced nightmare, the terrifying creatures, whatever they were, will be returning to T.V. The BBC has yet to release an apology to parents everywhere.

3. You got some splainin’ to do. The hometown of Lucille Ball has no love lost on the rather creepy statue of the comedian. That statue looks like a unnatural love child of Lucy and some soul stealing demon.

4. App lets you explore history. An app in development allows you to explore the history of an area. Maybe you can find out if your home was a speakeasy in the 1920’s or something you can use to prattle on to your neighbours about.

5. Man pleads not guilty to road rage. Accused of assaulting a couple with a chainsaw while in an intense fit of road rage, the accused pleads not guilty. Who even keeps a chainsaw ready to go in their car, let alone brandishing it as a weapon?

6. Benefits for having children. Other than having a loving family and all that, you can also get some tax benefits and deductions. Best get working on that family so tax season is a bit better for you.

7. A small fortune for a song. An unknown buyer bought Don McLean’s manuscript for a staggering $1.2 million presumably to find insight on what the song is actually about. Or maybe he or she is just lost in space.

8. Thirty Meter Telescope. Canada is going to pay, or I mean play, a big part in creating the world’s most powerful telescope over the next 10 years. It’s an election year all right, fix the roads, build a telescope, send stuff to space got to spend money and make it sound neat now in case Harper is ousted as Prime Minister.

9. Who not to bring to dinner. The short answer would be Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones’ as Seth Meyers shows in a skit from last night’s episode.



Daily Aggregation: Superheroes, Spies And Stars

daily-aggregation-21. New training centre. U of R athletes rejoice as a new high performance training facility is in the works. Maybe if you are lucky it’ll be built before you graduate!

2. Don’t eat the green ones, or any. Saskatchewan Poison Control has seen an increase in people exposed to detergent in the single use laundry pods.

3. Burial ground plans. Saskatchewan is planning, and hoping, to create a cemetery for the increasing number of Muslims in the province.

4. Looking for stars. Not the celebrities, actual celestial stars, from space! A 71 year old astronomer is trying to save the stars from light pollution. Like Lisa Simpson, only real.

5. Search for secrets. A team of Royal Canadian Navy (ice) divers are planning to take a plunge into icy cold, Arctic waters to find out more about HMS Erebus, which sunk while Sir John Franklin tried to find the Northwest Passage.

6. Save animals, not capture. An anti-animal cruelty group is up in arms as they protest the Greater Vancouver Zoo, saying they should save local animals instead of exhibiting the exotic.

7. Secret-swapping, spy style. Canada’s very own intelligence agency, CSIS,  (how many of you are surprised Canada even has a spy agency?) created a forum to give secrets about terrorist-travel with other agencies. This sounds like it is going to end well, doesn’t it?

8. In other spy news. Apparently being a spy for Canada isn’t hard enough, the food at headquarters is so terrible at least one employee threatens to take it to Amnesty International.

9. Science! That’s why. The CERN Large Hadron Collider has been turned on again after two years of lying dormant. Now the science-ing can once again commence!

10. Super-powered flight. In the latest Fantastic 4 trailer, due out later this summer, shows Sue and Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Invisible Woman and Human Torch) take flight.

Daily Aggregation: Roads, Butterflies And Superbugs

daily-aggregation-21. Tragedy in Kenya. A shooting at a Kenyan university leaves at least 70 dead and even more injured.

2. A dream come true. Saskatchewan is going to rebuild 54 roads throughout the province. This is not a drill, it is actually reported as going to happen.

3. Minecraft and education. A Regina school is using Minecraft for educational purposes. Where was the fun video games in class when I was in school?

4. Overreacting Mom overreacts. A Saskatoon mom thinks posters for Victoria Secret, in a mall where the store is opening, is over kill and too much. Because the store shouldn’t advertise its opening, clearly.

5. No Starr this October. Ringo Starr has said “No no no” to his Regina concert.

6. Save the butterflies! Saskatchewan people are planting milkweed to save the monarch butterfly in the province.

7. Don’t eat the turkey either. Days before the Easter holiday Lilydale has expanded their recall of listeria contaminated food to turkey as well.

8. Cure for superbugs? Apparently a cure for modern superbugs has been found in medieval manuscript. Promising though could probably use a bit of work.

Daily Aggregation: No more borders for Netlix

daily-aggregation-21. Evraz creating more jobs in Regina. The company is investing $200 million into the city and creating 40 new jobs while they are at it.

 2. Raising the transgender flag. Saskatchewan becomes the first province in Canada to raise a flag in support of transgender people as part of Trans Awareness Week.

3. New child care facility for the U of S. The facility will cost $4.6 million to create but will up the amount of child care spots at the university to 200. That means at least some moms will get a break.

4. Muslims work to prevent radicalization. The police say there is no evidence of radicalization towards Muslims. So they are just making it up, is that it?

5. Indoor tanning ban for teenagers. Pale, pasty skinned teenagers are going to have to get golden bronze skin the old fashioned way when the tanning bed ban goes into affect this summer.  

6. Canada’s worst cities for traffic. Surprise surprise, Vancouver is at the top of the list with Toronto and Ottawa coming after.

7. Prostitution moving indoors. Sex workers in Calgary are moving off the street to work inside, because it’s cold outside eight months out the year.

8. No more borders for streaming! Netflix wants to make all of its content available to everyone, not region blocked. Finally!!

9. Time-lapse of the sun. From NASA a short video of the sun over the past 5 years.



Daily Aggregation: Food, Crashes and Raffi

daily-aggregation-21. GERMANWINGS CRASH WAS DELIBERATE. It is a sad day when 150 people die in a plane crash, it is even worse when it was done intentionally.

2. ONE STEP CLOSER TO PROHIBITION. The Saskatchewan government has changed its mind, again. This time repealing the law that says alcohol can be served in strip clubs, because the people who go there want to be sober.

3. MASSAGE PARLOURS ARE INDECENT. Premier Brad Wall says massage parlours are a hotbed of human trafficking in Saskatchewan, or at least potentially. That means they aren’t just a place where people go to relax?

4. HOT KITCHEN POT CAUSES TROUBLE. A pot left in the oven caused Souls Harbour to be evacuated because someone forgot they not only left the oven on but that there was something in it. Luckily everyone is alright.

5. CHICKEN RECALL, AGAIN. It seems that the people who make our food has let a contaminated batch slip through. This feels a bit like Deja Vu, anyone else?

6. MORE MONEY FOR NASA TELESCOPE. Canada is going to spend an extra $2.6 million on top of the already given $160 million on the James Webb Space Telescope. It’ll probably have ‘Canada’ written across it just like the arm did.

7. RAFFI IS STILL AROUND. Not only is he around but still a strong advocate for children and their rights, even after being a child entertainer since the 70s.

8. ACCUSED TERRORIST WORRIED ABOUT CAT. An accused terrorist took the well-being of his cat into consideration while making his plans. At least he wasn’t just going to leave another poor cat in the street in his bombing plans.

9. “BRONCO BUSTER” CAUGHT AT THE CANADIAN BORDER.  The store owner of a Seattle antique shop praised the two thieves walking out of a store with a 60 centimeter-tall, that is nearly 2 feet, bronze cowboy statue before realizing the theft.

10. WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: PEANUT BUTTER CUP. The Candy Factory in Hollywood made a 400 pound peanut butter cup in a kiddie pool.


Watch The Skies Regina

An Alien Get-togetherThe aliens known as the Second Conclave gather after the game finished in Regina on Saturday, March 21, 2015. The aliens succeeded in their goal of creating mass mayhem in the world ultimately ending in nuclear war between the nations. (Photo by Megan Roth)
An Alien Get-Together The aliens known as the Second Conclave gather after the game finished. The aliens succeeded in their goal of creating mass mayhem in the world. (Photo by Megan Roth)

On Saturday April 21, 2015 the Queen City was subject to aliens known as The Second Conclave invading the city.

Aliens, presumably from Mars, came to Earth in what appeared at the time to be in the name of peace.

If you missed out on the spectacle, you are in luck! We at Prairie Dog were lucky enough to be on the scene the entire time, and we recorded everything that went on. Lucky you!

The leaders of the worlds and the United Nations were tasked with figuring out how best to deal with the discovery of extraterrestrial life here on Earth.

The day was full of crazy happenings. Everything from proclaiming aliens are not real, even with clear evidence, to threats of war, nuclear war between the world’s nations and even an attempt to blow up Mars.

Waiting and Watching Team China taking a break between all of the chaos of the day in Regina on Saturday, March 21, 2015.The nation of China held fans and spoke largely in fortunes from fortunes cookies. (Photo by Megan Roth)
Waiting and Watching Team China taking a break between all of the chaos of the day.The nation of China held fans and spoke largely in fortunes from fortunes cookies. (Photo by Megan Roth)

Players were strongly encouraged to dress up to increase their enjoyment as well as increase the overall experience of the game. As you would expect many took this prompt to heart and wore some crazy things, looking at you aliens.

Also to be expected were the different costumes of the nations. Some were tact, if drab. Many chose to wear the dull grey suit of a politician. Some expressed their nation through props.

The Russian team drank vodka, the Chinese team spoke in fortunes found in fortune cookies while waving paper fans, and the U.K. sounded like Australians making fun of the British.

One thing can be said about each player in the game; they were each very committed to the game and their character.

 Security Council A meeting of the U.N.'s security council at the Artful Dodger in Regina on Saturday, March 21, 2015. The security council's job was to assess global issues and crisis and decide what to do in order to make the world safer for everyone. (Photo by Megan Roth)
Security Council A meeting of the U.N.’s security council. The security council’s job was to assess global issues and crisis and decide what to do about the aliens. (Photo by Megan Roth)

This was the very first game of this caliber, and the first ever mega-game played in Saskatchewan.

Watch the Skies was a mega-game put on by Sask Games as the kick-off event for Play With Your Food 2015.

By the end of the game it was estimated roughly $40,000 had been raised for Play with Your Food 2015.

There was a registration fee of $25 to play in Saturday’s game, though all proceeds, minus production costs, were donated to Souls Harbour.

Daily Aggregation: More Interview Fun

daily-aggregation-21. RINGO STARR IN REGINA. “All I’ve got to do” is get tickets to see Ringo Starr at the Brandt Centre on Oct 14.

2. REGINA’S CHINATOWN LIKELY TO SEE GROWTH. With the Saskatchewan Immigrant Program set to reopen again Regina may see some new businesses, and maybe just, maybe some awesome Dim Sum.

3. DANGEROUS BIKER MISTAKENLY RELEASED FROM JAIL. Son of a Hell’s Angel’s boss was accidently released from prison in Quebec. He apparently just walked out. Umm… What?

4. INTERVIEW DEBACLE NOT OVER. North Korea is up in arms over a planned air-drop of the rather terrible movie The Interview saying that it would  be considered an act of war.

5. NO MORE QUEEN FOR BARBADOS. The island nation plans to out Queen Elizabeth as head of state in favour of a constitutional president by November 2016.

6. WOMEN AREN’T THE WORST DRIVERS. A new study shows that more men have died in collisions than women. So you can stop with the jokes now.

7. STUDENT PROTEST OVER TUITION.  Students at the U of S and across the country seem to have finally had enough of rising tuition costs. Wasn’t there supposed to be a tuition freeze?

8. FUTURE HACKERS AND CODERS. Moose Jaw’s Sacred Hart Community School is teaching kids grade 4-6 how to use code, launching the career of tomorrow’s industrious troublemakers and programmers.

9. TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ABOVE THE CLOUDS. A Russian plane flies to the arctic to let passengers see last week’s eclipse unobstructed.


Aliens Invade Regina UPDATED

Prairie Dog has been tipped off to an alien invasion happening right here in Regina! Reports are currently sketchy but we will try our best to give the most accurate up to the minute news of this crisis.

The U.N will be meeting to discuss how the world will be dealing with this historic event.

Follow Megan Roth on twitter @MaygenRoth as she gives a blow by blow of events as they happen. 

UPDATE! The aliens have made contact! They claim to have come in peace. However one of their own was captured upon arrival to Earth. Could this be the start of intergalactic war?!

UPDATE 2! The aliens have made contact again! We now know they are called the Second Conclave and they seem to be very concerned with the earth’s wellbeing particularly in impoverish places such as Africa and South America. The aliens have even been working with some nations,but won’t say which.

The biggest news to come from this broadcast is the threat of war and annihilation. If the nations and governments of the world do not cooperate the aliens are willing and able to destroy the world.

UPDATE 3!  Officials have a huge gives! They are giving peace a chance. How? By ceasing all further military activity. The Prime Minister of India hope in the future the world would see an intergalactic federation of the worlds.

Peace has officially taken hold across the world. The aliens appear to have what they wanted.

UPDATE 4! The aliens have taken over the airwaves after refusing an interview with the GNN. The missive directed at the world leaders stated that they are happy with the resolve in conflict. However they were attacked and will be seeking retrebuation.

The aliens claim no one other than those who attacked them will be harmed. Can we trust their word? We will have to wait and see.

UPDATE 5! World peace was short lived as the world is now at nuclear war. Russia and the U.S are no more, the countries have been wiped from the map. Surprisingly France is taking responsibility.

Before Russia was hit they retaliated, taking aim at an alien base on Mars!

Watch the Skies is an all day role playing event happening at the Artful Dodger. All proceeds from today go to Souls Barbour Souls Harbour.

Meet Megan Roth

You’ll see a new byline in Prairie Dog and on Dog Blog for the next little while! Megan Roth, a journalism student at SAIT, has joined our editorial department (title: Intrepid Intern) and will be writing all kinds of stuff for the next few weeks (stuff specifics TBA).

To get to know Megan better, we asked her to interview herself in the third person. She has graciously allowed this nonsense to be posted online.

Let’s start with something easy. What is your name, age and where you are from?

I’m Megan Roth, I am 25 and I’m from everywhere but most recently Calgary by way of Moose Jaw.

Why did you come to Prairie Dog for your practicum?

Well, the idea that I wouldn’t have to pay extra rent was quite appealing as I’m staying with my parents. I also enjoyed reading it while I was in high school and thought I could probably do what I saw there too.

Why did you decide to become a journalist?

I like to attribute it to wanting to be like Lois Lane and Clark Kent as a kid, and later like Peter Parker. So basically I just wanted to be a superhero.

Is it true that you wore a Captain America sweater into the office this morning?

Yes I did. It was cold and snowy out when I left home, and I’m the wonderfully smart person who forgot her actual jacket in Calgary. I have no regrets though. I love Cap. It’s the closest I can come in everyday life to being a superhero.

If you weren’t a journalist or a writer of any sort, what would you be doing?

I’d be a costume designer. Put my cosplay skills to some actual use.

What do you like to do in your free time?

If I have free time, I like to read — even though I am technically an adult I do still enjoy young adult literature, play board games, design costumes for cosplay, and play Dungeons and Dragons. If I have time in the summer I also like to scuba dive.

What made you a nerd, you nerd?

Harry Potter when I was 11. That, even more than watching X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons was my first real foray into nerdom. Harry Potter showed me true fandom.

How do you think you’ll fit in at Prairie Dog?

I don’t see how it’s going to work; the people here say they hate nerds. But I’ll give it a try.

Do you have a question for Megan? Ask it in the comments below! She probably won’t answer because she’s very busy, but you never know. Maybe if you ask reeeeeally nice.