Author: Megan Roth

Daily Aggregation: Godzilla!

1. The pride of Japan. The towering terror that is Godzilla will no longer be knocking down buildings in Japan as he has found a home on the island nation and is now a tourist “ambassador” for the country. What an...

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Daily Aggregation: Dinos and Jon Snow

1. Dinosaur once again a dinosaur. After roughly 100 years scientists have decided the “thunder lizard”, the Brontosaurus is its own species of dinosaur. Maybe the next big discovery will be Pluto actually is a...

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Daily Aggregation: Food, Crashes and Raffi

1. GERMANWINGS CRASH WAS DELIBERATE. It is a sad day when 150 people die in a plane crash, it is even worse when it was done intentionally. 2. ONE STEP CLOSER TO PROHIBITION. The Saskatchewan government has changed its mind,...

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Watch The Skies Regina

On Saturday April 21, 2015 the Queen City was subject to aliens known as The Second Conclave invading the city. Aliens, presumably from Mars, came to Earth in what appeared at the time to be in the name of peace. If you missed...

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Daily Aggregation: More Interview Fun

1. RINGO STARR IN REGINA. “All I’ve got to do” is get tickets to see Ringo Starr at the Brandt Centre on Oct 14. 2. REGINA’S CHINATOWN LIKELY TO SEE GROWTH. With the Saskatchewan Immigrant Program set to...

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Aliens Invade Regina UPDATED

Prairie Dog has been tipped off to an alien invasion happening right here in Regina! Reports are currently sketchy but we will try our best to give the most accurate up to the minute news of this crisis. The U.N will be meeting...

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Meet Megan Roth

You’ll see a new byline in Prairie Dog and on Dog Blog for the next little while! Megan Roth, a journalism student at SAIT, has joined our editorial department (title: Intrepid Intern) and will be writing all kinds of stuff for...

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