Author: Mason Pitzel

Tonight! Shotgun Jimmie

I’ve long thought that Shotgun Jimmie would make a terrific host for a Mr. Rogers-/Fred Penner’s Place-style kids program. By that, I mean the idea popped into my head last year and I just remembered it now; I...

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Police Teeth Starts Fresh

You know a band is making a statement when they drop a self-titled album mid-career. Seattle rock curmudgeons Police Teeth recently released their fourth album, Police Teeth, and it’s hard not to see it as a kind of...

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Tonight: Julie Doiron

Julie Doiron The Artful Dodger As I speak with Julie Doiron near the beginning of her So Many Days tour, she’s in the middle of a one-day trip from Thunder Bay to Brandon. Driving a thousand kilometres straight is a bit of...

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BreakOut West: #YXE Edition

Since yesterday afternoon, Regina’s downtown, like the Dog Blog, has been abuzz with BreakOut West action. Sadly, the festivities end Saturday evening. So here are three acts you should check out tonight, all of whom I...

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Sic Alps’ “Glyphs”

I’d sort of slept on this band previously*, but after hearing their eponymous new album, I realized that was a mistake. Props to prairie dog’s James for sliding me a copy. Some hastily researched background info: Sic...

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Sled Island (Day Last)

This update will be breezy because we’ve got to be out of our hotel by 11 a.m. These have been too long anyway, and besides, my brain’s too tired from a week of six-hour sleeps on sofa bed to write coherently for...

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Sled Island (Day 3)

Yesterday was Team prairie dog Team’s third day in Calgary, and with all our various illnesses out of our various systems, we were feeling fit and ready for another long day of drinking at noon and waiting in vain for...

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Sled Island (Day 2)

Wednesday was a hard thing to top, Sled Island-wise, but although Wednesday’s Shadowy Men set immediately became one of my top three favourite shows of all time, Thursday’s offerings were certainly no letdown in...

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Sled Island (Day 1)

Prairie dog’s somewhat-official Sled Island contingent—myself, actual prairie dog writers James Brotheridge and John Cameron, and James’s wonderful Rhiannon friend—set off for the Calgary festival Wednesday morning....

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