Sasquatch Day 4 – review & photos


Day 4 started dark. Morning rains established themselves as quickly as hangovers.  The music fans at Sasquatch! didn’t let up. Gathering inspiration from unusual sources (presumably Gatorade, Advil, and Tums) fans filtered into the festival grounds, despite the poor weather.

The payoff for venturing into the rain was swift and sweet. Canadian bands Elliott Brood and the Barr Brothers put on a phenomenal pair of performances at the intimate Yeti stage.  Elliott Brood played at 1pm and everyone within ear shot was instantly interested in the show the moment they played the first note and a dance party ensued. The Barr Brothers followed up. Despite some sound issues caused by the rough weather the Barr Brothers, pump organ, harp and all, delivered a great set of songs. The show was a little less dance party, but a lot more slide guitar.

There are tons of Canadians at Sasquatch so no surprise that both of these well-known Canadian bands were well supported on Monday afternoon. Rain or shine, these shows were Yeti stage highlights.

Elliott Brood plays at the Yeti stage at Sasquatch 2013.
Elliott Brood plays at the Yeti stage at Sasquatch 2013.

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Sasquatch Day 1 – Photos

Sasquatch Day 1 in photos, coming at ya!

Reignwolf @ the Sasquatch stage.


Japandroids at the Honda Bigfoot stage.





Arctic Monkeys @ the Sasquatch Stage.


Strand of Oaks @ the Yeti Stage.




Father John Misty @ the Honda Bigfoot stage – my favourite show of the day.



More to come from day 2!

Pool-Goers Left Out In The COLD!

A group of Reginians stripped down to their skivvies and braved the cold to save the pool today.

The City of Regina announced that it could potentially be closing Maple Leaf pool, located in the Heritage Community, this year.  The pool is a community hub in the summer, and offers a free lunch program to kids.

This group came together to protest the potential pool closure, in the wake of announced rising property taxes to fund the new stadium.

Stars and Metric

Metric and openers Stars were in town last night. Take a peak at some photos from the show.

Emily Haines, the female super power behind Metric, plays in Regina.
Guitarist, James Shaw, of Metric preforms in Regina. 
Stars frontman, Torquil Campbell, opens for Metric in Regina.
Keyboard player for Stars, Chris Seligman, preforms.



Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Neil Young and Crazy Horse preformed in Saskatoon on Wednesday and concert goers got a ticket to a real jam. The guitars battled, and the boys had fun. Neil Young, Ralph Molina and Frank ‘Poncho’ Sampedro played a two hour set which included old songs, new songs off their album Psychedelic Pill, and a few hits including Cinnamon Girl, and Hey Hey, My My.  Here are some photos from the night.

Side note to the Credit Union Center: Why the early start time on the night?!? It was advertised on the ticket that the show would start at 7:30, but it started much earlier. Many fans of The Sadies missed the entire set which finished 10 minutes after the whole show was suppose to start. Let’s be serious, showing up to a rock show on time is hard enough.

More photos of the show are on my blog here.


Saskatchewan Jazz Festival recap

Hot eats and cool jazz were served up in Saskatoon these past ten days. For the 25th year running the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival turned the city of bridges into a hub of live music. Jazz wasn’t the only thing on the menu – blues, folk, rock and hip-hop were all featured.

I made the trip up HWY 11 a couple times to catch a handful of shows – starting off with Timber Timbre. They played at Amigos on Sunday, June 24th. The low lit venue brought a mixed group of rowdy party goers and long time fans of the band. Timber Timbre brought their airy, spooky sound to the stage and were unfazed by loud voices in the back.

This past Saturday Kacy and Clayton, a pair of Saskatchewan cousins, opened for Elliott Brood at the Broadway Theatre. Clayton’s flat picking blues and Kacy’s beautiful voice had the crowd hanging on their every note.

Once Elliott Brood hit the stage the crowd wasn’t in their seats for long. They played two slow songs to start off the set, then brought out their stomping rhythms for the rest of the night.

A cool part about the Jazz Fest is the surprise shows that you just stumble upon. This was the case for Wild T & The Spirit. After leaving the Broadway Theatre, where Elliott Brood was playing, I stopped into Vangelis Tavern and got to see Wild T play his dirty blues. The expression on his face alone was worth the price of admission.

The Roots closed off the festival at the TD Main Stage in the Bessbourgh Gardens on Sunday. A fitting choice as both the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival and The Roots got started back in 1987.  It was an excellent way to cap off the festival.

// Photos by Kim Jay

This Week’s Music Madness

This past week was a good one for live music in the Queen City. Deer Tick kicked off the work week with a show at the Exchange. A good crowd fought the Monday-blues and partied like it was Friday at the rock show. Here are a few photos…

Vancouver’s Five Alarm Funk took to O’Hanlon’s very high stage on Friday night. The show was a spectacle – full of choreographed dancing, props and the most energetic performers I’ve seen in a long time. They got the funk.

Sasquatch! Day 4

I apologize for the lateness of this post, but I’m back home and connected with technology again, so here we go – Sasquatch! Day 4.

My Monday started off with the dreamy Ben Howard taking the Big Foot stage in the afternoon. Problems with the sound cut his set a bit short, but he still delivered the soft, soothing music his fans expected. Special thanks to Chris Graham for lending me one of his awesome lenses to shoot a few pictures. The fellow Saskie photog was at the festival with his wife, covering it for the blog Brooklyn Vegan. Check it out here.

One of my new music finds for the day was the band Cloud Cult. They played on the Big Foot stage in the late afternoon. It was nice and refreshing to hear their strings and horns. Cool fact – typically they have two painters on stage who paint throughout the show and then sell the art at the end. This wasn’t the case at Sasquatch! but a good reason to see them again.

The Cave Singers took to the Big Foot stage Monday afternoon, as well. The band is from Seattle and had the fans to prove it. This show was just as much about the dancing as it was the music.

I was lucky enough to check out a couple acts on the smallest stage – the Yeti Stage. There was never too big a crowd there so you could really get up close and personal with the band. I got to see Ted Leo and the Pharmacists from Washington, D.C.

And Shearwater, from Austin, TX.

The two main acts to close out the festival were Tenacious D and Beck.
Tenacious D played first. This is one of those times when a picture is worth a thousand words.

Yes, that is a penis on the stage. The penis shot confetti during the last song.

Beck was the closer for the festival. I heard mixed reviews about his set from people at the show. Some said he didn’t look into it, and it was lack-luster. I enjoyed the show, but it wasn’t as awe-inspiring as expected. To finish off the night he brought out Tenacious D to sing with him and his son to dance.

That’s it folks – Sasquatch! 2012 complete. Thanks to everyone for reading my updates throughout the weekend. It was a lot of fun to snap shots of some of my favourite bands. In case you haven’t guessed, this festival has me hooked! I’ll be returning year after year, and I’d recommend any music lover to jump onboard for the Sasquatch! experience.

Sasquatch! Day 3

Beardyman kicked off my day on the electronic stage Sunday afternoon. Beatboxer, Darren Foreman, makes all the sounds live with nothing prerecorded,  creating each song on the spot. He put on a demonstration for the audience breaking down beat by beat, layer by layer for the non-believers.

Camping shenanigans.

Deer Tick played on the Big Foot Stage late afternoon.

The main stage was full of emotions on Sunday.  Seattle band, The Head and the Heart played on the main stage in the afternoon. Their upbeat energy and beautiful harmonies struck a cord  with the crowd. Female lioness, Charity Rose Thielen was adorable and said a tearful thank you to the audience.

Beirut ignited a crazy dance party on the main level. From the hill you could see a large group of people skipping in and out of each other, and drawing in dancers from all over. I got in the middle of it for some pictures. It was silly fun.

Bon Iver was nothing short of magical.

The stage design was beautifully gothic. Draped fabric hung from the roof of the stage, like ragged sails from a pirate ship, and tall glass lanterns were spread all over the stage.

The captain of the ship and lead singer, Justin Vernon gave the crowd a speech about how special it was to play at the festival. His heartfelt thank you to the crowd stole my heart.

For the encore they played The Wolves, and had the crowd sing the line ‘what might have been lost’ back to them. The result was a wall of sound, with over twenty thousand people singing louder and louder until the wave of sound washed over you – truly a testament to the acoustics of the Gorge.

Weather update – Today is nice and sunny, with a few clouds. The temperature is suppose to go up to 24 degrees today and then cool off to around 10 this tonight. It’s been a perfect weekend for weather here in the Gorge.

Sasquatch! Day 2

Day two started with a Saskatchewan celebrity sighting while watching Blitzen Trapper. The Sheepdogs showed up to enjoy a few days of music before they hit the Sasquatch! Mainstage Monday afternoon. They were their typical stoic selves, didn’t say much, were cordial and posed for a photo.

I took my first wrong turn of the festival yesterday afternoon. I was trying to make it to Alabama Shakes but ended up going to the wrong stage. I’ll blame it on the heat – but it took me a while to realize I was watching Fred Armisen and the cast of Portlandia. It was a popular show and drew a crowd that erupted when Fred asked who was from Portland. I had a couple chuckles, gained my bearings and ran over to catch the rest of Alabama Shakes.

I couldn’t take any pictures of Alabama Shakes because of my misadventure, but still got to enjoy  the show. Brittany Howard is such a powerful woman, with a soulful voice. Her tantalizing guitar rips held the audience captive. It was the first new music of the day and now I’m their newest fan.

Meet super happy guy. That’s it.

Second new music find– Helio Sequence. I’m a tad behind on discovering this band, they have been around since 1999. But better late than never, right? The alt-rock duo had a solid following of fans. Their long awaited album is coming out this fall.

I must thank the knowledgeable prairie boy, Thomas Lee, for pointing out a cool perk Sasquatch! offers. They have an area called Easy Street where you can purchase records, and CDs of the bands that play throughout the weekend, and for an extra $3 they hold on it until the band has a signing. This fellow didn’t pick up a record, but asked the members of Helio Sequence to sign his shirt, they obliged.

Sunset day two

St. Vincent – this girl can play guitar! The beginning of her set was a bit distracting though, she was having all sorts of trouble with her inner ear mic, and she let the sound crew know it.  From the looks she was sending them, I wouldn’t mess with her. This gal is tough.

A group of us caught moth syndrome when we saw the Wolfgang Gartner set from on top of the hill. We kicked it into high gear to catch the dance party, made for some great photos too.

All dressed up in a suit, his set didn’t disappoint the devoted fans.  He most likely was born with a guitar in his hands. Overheard at show – ‘Jack White looks like Edward Furlong from the second Crow movie’.

Weather Update: Day two was way warmer than the first day. It got to 22 degrees, and was pretty windy. Still at night you have to bundle up, it dropped to around 9 degrees at night. Today is the warmest day so far. It’s 24, and little wind.

Sasquatch! 2012

It has been dubbed the best festival for Canadians not in Canada – so I’m making it my goal to verify these rumors. Sasquatch! is a four-day shin-dig held at the Gorge Amphitheatre near Quincy, Washington. The scenery itself is stunning and a major draw for festival goers. The main stage is nestled in a natural amphitheatre that sits just above the Columbia River.

This years lineup has something for everyone. Rock god Jack White is one of the headliners, along with Beck, The Roots, Bon Iver, and Pretty Lights.

Here are some photos from the first day.

We got to the festival a day before it started just to get settled. We snagged a great view of the Gorge from our camping spot.

There were some nasty looking clouds but they didn’t open up on us. It is a lot like Saskatchewan weather here – hot and sunny during the day, lots of wind, and chilly at night.

There were a fair share of lineups for everyone endure the first day. They have a strange way of exchanging tickets – instead of trading your ticket for a wristband when you arrive, you had to wait till the ticket exchanges open. This resulted in a four hour wait in line.

First glimpse of the stage made it worth it. This was for Of Monsters and Men from Friday evening.

I spotted this guy along my travels….

Hands down, show of the night goes to Explosions in the Sky. You know it is a mind-blowing show when everyone just stands around the stage in disbelief after the last song ends. They played their ambient build-up rock to the captivated crowd. Luckily for the crowd, Girl Talk was playing on the main stage at the same time, so it was a small intimate performance for those who caught it. The Texas boys are masters of their craft, melting from one song to the next. Unfortunately after seeing them live, their record will never be as good.

Explosions in the Sky

Closing off the night was Pretty Lights. True to their name, the visual show was spectaular. I heard one guy say “I think I am being abducted by aliens”. This show was a testament to the quality of the venue. With not a bad seat in the house, the entire place was on their feet.

Stay tuned for more from the updates and photos from day two.

// Photos by Kim Jay

Andino Suns rising

Regina’s Andino Suns will be heating up the stage at the Cathedral Arts festival stage this week. If you have been missing some world music to get you moving, check out one of Regina’s best-kept secrets.

Normally they play the smaller venues, but always to a sell out crowd. Now they are looking at bringing their Latin inspired rhythms to a larger audience.  To kick it off, they will be the closing band at the Cathedral Neighborhood Center for the Arts Fest this Saturday.

The five-piece band has a high energy that is fused with Latin grooves to get the crowd on their feet, and keep them there. They play a great mix of original music, Latin favourites, and some classic covers from the grunge era.

The band’s members hail from Regina and Moose Jaw, and they have a strong family connection. Front man Andres Davalos, started the band and few years back with his brother Pablo, and Andres Palma. Since then the Mehlsen brothers, Eric and Leif, have added their talents, along with Pablo’s son, Antonio.

If your heading to the show, come prepared to dance. They take the stage 10pm this Saturday, at the Cathedral Neighborhood Centre.

//Photo by Kim Jay

ACL 2011: Sweet Wet Rain

I must apologize for the lack of photos from the second day at Austin City Limits Festival. But I have a good reason: rain. Much needed rain. According to the Lower Colorado River Authority, Austin is currently in the worst drought since 1895. The city is shades of yellow and orange. Further north in the state more than 1,500 homes have been lost to the wildfires. The fire is now declared contained.

Seems like the governor should be kicking himself for the cuts made to the volunteer firefighting budget. But instead, he tells the people of Texas to pray for rain.

Thankfully the dry city got a cool taste of rain yesterday. It was the first measurable rain in months.

Delta Who?

If you haven’t heard of Delta Spirit, maybe you should. This soul infused rock band played in a grungy music venue in Austin, Texas to kick off ACL’s 10th year. I took 310 photos of the band, which normally means they are kick ass….but it could be because I had a few too many beers. You can decide for yourself, check out their song “People C’mon”.

Before I Die…

Folk festival goers sure want to do a lot before they die! The entrance to the main stage is chalked full of people’s bucket lists.  Some are as bland as ‘eat a cheeseburger’ and others as ambitious as ‘find a unicorn’. Some recurring themes were ‘live’, ‘see world peace’, and ‘skydive’. These folkies have got a little bit of adrenaline junkie in them, too.