NHL Player Receives $41.67 Fine

Patric Hornqvist is the latest NHL victim of never being taught how to body check properly. Last night he elbowed a kid in the head and today he PAYS!

This dumb jock  makes $3 million annually, and was fined $2500. To give perspective… for someone earning $50 000 a year, the equivalent punishment would be $41.67. In other words…zero consequences.

You got it workin’ now NHL! Observe your genius.

Owww! What the hell did you do that for?

Saskatoon’s Irish About To LOSE IT!

Actually, mostly non-Irish will be losing it tonight. I s’pect most Irish view this as a day of reverence to varying degrees. It’s the rest of us (I’m Swiss) that grab on to any excuse to make an idiot of ourselves. So enjoy Regina friends.

On the off chance you’re here in Saskatoon … a couple places that will help you feel like you’re part of something tonight:

Winston’s in the old Senator Hotel. They’re a cool English pub that somehow flips their flag one night a year but they do it up right.

I also recommend O’Shea’s, which is actually an Irish pub on 2nd Avenue, complete with a separate entrance for leprechauns because drunk people like to crawl through it on their hands and knees to make their friends laugh.

I overheard a server at O’Shea’s telling a salesman “no thanks” about a month ago. The dude claimed to be the creator of the watermelon bra and he felt St. Patrick’s would be the perfect occasion for the servers to don his craft work. What a douche. The server politely said, “We’re not that kind of place,” and the goober left. Another reason to love O’Shea’s!

I like Regina’s “O” place too! Enjoy, and “Just say no” to beer with food colouring.

Greetings from Saskatchewan’s Greatest City!

AHA! I have hacked the Dog Blog. Lucky for Reginans because now you will be regularly exposed to the greener grass that is Saskatoon. Perhaps you’re an ex-pat who pines for the wonderful vibrant downtown and winning hockey team you left behind. Maybe all you want is to know what it’s like to be able to see the Pixies or Arcade Fire or the Black Keys without a 150-minute road trip, or have nine Liquor Board stores to choose from (compared to Regina’s measly seven). It really doesn’t matter WHY you wish you were in Saskatoon … it only matters that you DO. I hope I can deliver warmth and envy to you.