Please Tell Me This Will Include The Dunlop And The RPL Film Theatre

During the talk to introduce the current Dunlop Art Gallery show Any Sharp Knife Will Do, artist Seema Goel asked the question “If something feels creepy, why does it feel creepy?”

Which brings me to this:

Tomorrow, City Council will be voting to endorse in principle a document concerning the development of the Regina Cultural Centre, which would house the RPL and new digs for Globe Theatre. Distressingly, there are only vague mentions of “other related uses such as museums, office space and a commercial component likely to include a hotel, retail and restaurants.”

Does that make you feel a little creepy too?  If so, this might be good meeting to attend. The meeting is at City Hall, 5:30, Henry Baker Hall; agenda and the link to the document in question, “Regina Public Library: Regina Cultural Centre”,  here. Though not making formal statements, representatives from the RPL and the Globe will be available for questions.

Also, last chance to see the Academy-Award- winning film, In A Better World, tonight at 9:00 the RPL Theatre. (Any need to mention the RPL theatre is Regina’s only avenue to see films like this?)

Any Sharp Knife Will Do will be on until August 4.

We’re Good! We’re Still On!

For those of you, like me, who were massively disappointed with yesterday’s seeming absence of Rapture, there is still hope:

“While the world may not appear any different on the morning of May 22, 2011, it will only be because Satan has fooled the non-believers. The faithful will recognize that they are living in hell on Earth.” (Toronto Star)

Welcome to hell! See you in October!


This from the Sixth Estate:

Over the past 24 hours, bloggers have noticed what I can’t describe as anything but the scariest thing I have ever seen in Canada. Free media organizations are pulling stories critical of Harper off of their websites — not only that, but replacing them with banal stories about mildly related issues.

Click here to link to the story and all the weird links to the banal and mildly related intrigue. If there’s no technical explanation, then it’s very creepy.

h/t to Facebook pal Bernadette Wagner.

Humans Are Poison (Updated)

Feelbad Spoiler Alert!

Before you watch the video, know that this perfect, beautiful snake died after this incident, apparently from silicone poisoning. Humans are just bad. For everything. Bad bad bad.


I wuz had! Word is that the snake didn’t die of silicone poisoning. On the bright side, prairie dog is  in good company.(NYMagazine).  Here’s a question for the viral vid smartypantses among you: how does anyone know whether the snake lived or not?

Either way — dead as a doornail, or resigned to a miserable life of awful, porny spectacle — poor critter.

Happy Birthday, You Entities!

Prairie dog turned a bouncing 18 today. Old enough to vote, screw, and join the army. And pop over to to Alberta Quebec and drink.  It’s also Groundhog Day of course. And Imbolc.

Ah ha, but just what other favorite Saskatchewan entity has a birthday today? The Saskatchewan Arts Board! The venerable funding agency turns 63 today. Aw.

Here is an excerpt your horoscope, you guys, first from alarmingly accurate Susan Miller over at AstrologyZone, for the month of February:

The closer your birthday falls to the new moon, February 2, the more intensely you will feel this month’s themes, and the more energized you will become.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, can’t be at the party for Aquarius, but will send his greetings to Mercury and the rest of the little happy planets by beaming his gifts of good fortune and happy news on February 4 and 5. Both those days could bring you a very lucky break, and possibly even a generous check or gift.

And from pronoia guru Rob Breszny of Free Will Astrology for the rest of the week:

The renegade spiritual sect known as the Church of the Subgenius values one treasure above all others: not salvation, not enlightenment, not holiness, but rather Slack. And what is Slack? It is a state of being in which everything flows smoothly — a frame of mind so unfettered and at ease that the entire universe just naturally cooperates with you. When you’ve got abundant reserves of Slack, you don’t strain and struggle to make desired events unfold, and you don’t crave things you don’t really need. You’re surrendered to the greater intelligence that guides your life, and it provides you with a knack for attracting only what’s truly satisfying. Happy Slack Week, Aquarius! I suspect you will have loads of that good stuff, which means your freedom to be your authentic self will be at a peak.

Slack! Money! Who could ask for more? It couldn’t go to two nicer organizations.