This Week In Dead People – Update

Might as well do it right. UPDATE: Roger Ebert, Margaret ThatcherRaveen, ReveenAnnette Funicello: all dead.  And Johnny Esaw and Les Blank, who were not part of the wallpaper of my childhood, which seems to be peeling away with each death.

Play em off, Arcade Fire!*

*Also not part of my childhood, though it feel like it is.

School Board Decision On Connaught Is Actually Doubleplusungood For Heritage Architecture


For a moment last night I was thrilled about Connaught being rebuilt!  (CBC) (Global) (LP)

Then my hopes were dashed by CTV’s coverage that said Connaught will actually be replaced.

Well played, Regina, well played. You get me every time.

We Won’t Be Fooled Again

On Monday, First Nations people across Canada were out protesting by the thousands right under the noses of the media. How were we supposed to know? We were busy with the Ikea monkey that day! Yeesh. But, being the gracious hosts that they are,  hundreds of protesters held a redo today at the legislature. Luckily our friends at the LP were on the ball today and were there to cover it. Phew! That would have been embarrassing.

What’s making the natives so restless? Oh, little things, you know, this and that.

That’s My Wonderful Town (Part Deux)

Oh, Regina. First you leave a severed deer head at my door, then you charm me with bats.

If you are blessed with a bat in your habitat, call Mark Brigham at the U of R and he’ll send out a crack team of bat whisperers to collect it and let it hibernate at the university over the winter. He can be reached at 585-4255 or

Who Are These People? (UPDATED!)

Oh for fuck’s sake. All rested up from starving the universities and killing the film industry, the provincial government is now about to  legalize stripping in bars. Good God, all these people seem to think about is beer and football. And now sex, as long as it’s gross and heterosexual.

UPDATE: This just in from CBC. It doesn’t seem that bad. No nipples for you!



There’s an excellent article on Gawker about Reddit and internet trolling — and about one troll in particular, Violentacrez, aka Michael Brutsch.  It’s absolutely riveting, and worth the second-hand exposure to pervy Redditors and their moral codes. (Posting thousands of pictures of 14-year-old girls? A-okay! Revealing someone’s real identity? Shocking!). Brutsch has lost his job over his posts (which didn’t stop at underaged creeper pics), Reddit is really mad at Gawker, the journalist who wrote the article feels mildly guilty, and a group of women is getting even. It’s a very satisfying read.

Look At This Beautiful Bus

Isn’t that just the prettiest bus? It’s full of hippies! Christians! Cult followers! Bob Dylan fans! Anyway, these very nice people from a group called The Twelve Tribes came through and had an impromptu open house on Victoria Avenue this afternoon — what a beautiful thing that bus is. They also have a matching ship, apparently.