Author: Amber Goodwyn

Take Back The Night

In light of the sexual assault that took place last week in the downtown core, some citizens have organized a Take Back The Night-style candle light vigil, which will take place this evening at 10pm in the City Hall courtyard...

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National Drone Day!

“for too long the drone has been hidden by the tyrants of melody and rhythm. weird canada calls upon all drones to come together as one massive drone. spend this day listening entirely to drone music” – Weird...

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Ladies + Local Music

Just want to steer your attention to my current Sound Check column where I bemoan the dearth of ladies in rock / alt / weird /indie / underground bands here in YQR and…everywhere else. There’s a healthy comment thread...

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Get Dressed: Don’t Dress Your Age

Thought I’d share this wonderful and inspiring British TV documentary about six mature fashionistas. The doc explores these women’s convention-defying sartorial choices as well as their anti-ageist lifestyles....

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Get Dressed: Business Casual

Dressing appropriately business casual for professional activities makes me want to let a boob hang out. However, the impulse is lessened by a) pretending that it’s a costume! and b) that I’ve got all kinds of...

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In keeping with my suggestion in the latest Sound Check column, do check out German avant-garde post-rock outfit Jealousy Mountain Duo tonight at The Club. Not-to-miss! TERRASCOPE UK: De-constructing jazz and post-rock with...

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Get Dressed: Pagan Style

Can we skip this whole end of summer thing, jump past autumn, do not pass Go/ do not collect $200, and head straight over to winter please? Because this photo series over on Bad Panda is giving me a serious case of wintery...

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