Attention Musicians!

Abex AwardsTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ABEX (Achievement In Business Excellence) Awards the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is seeking tenders for the creation of a unique song celebrating business excellence in Saskatchewan. The deadline to submit a proposal is Sept. 16, and the song must be done by Oct. 1. The winning bidder must also be able to appear at the ABEX Awards, which will be held this year in Saskatoon at TCU Place on Oct. 26, to perform the song live.

According to Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce guidelines, the song should be between three and 3.5 minutes long and incorporate as thematic elements subjects like: growth, celebration of excellence, achievements, diversity, service, business, private sector, community involvement, etc. In return for composing, recording and performing the song, the successful bidder will receive $1500. The contractor will also retain ownership of the song.

Musicians wishing to submit a bid should forward their proposal, along with a song outline, to the following email address [] no later than Sept. 16 at 2 p.m.


Author: Gregory Beatty

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10 thoughts on “Attention Musicians!”

  1. Seriously ,I am shitting myself with laughter imagining a song about how right on the private sector is. We’re here for a good time.Give the money to Trooper.

  2. Did they actually use business language such as tenders and contractor? That makes me chuckle.

  3. I’m curious as to how the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce reconciles its retention of song ownership in a contractor/contractee (i.e. professional) relationship with Saskatchewan’s Arts Professions Act, specifically within the government definition of a professional artist as holding copyright in his or her own work:

    Perhaps the Chamber clarifies this in their full guidelines. Or maybe they should have specified it as being a contest, rather than a tendering process, in the hopes of finding “untapped” (i.e. non-professional) talent.

  4. Dang. “its full guidelines”; “it should have specified”. Got the agreement right in the first paragraph.

  5. I found information on the contest in SaskMusic’s weekly E-Bulletin. I did replicate in my post the type of business language that the Chamber of Commerce used to describe the contest. One clarification, though, the term “contractor” refers to the musician and not the Chamber (which will heretofore be referred to as the party of the second part) so the ownership of the song remains with the creator.

  6. Thank you for the clarification, Greg. And that was my bad for reading “contractor” as “contractee”. Lord, how I hate legalese.

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