At Least The City Of Regina Is Thinking About Sports And Literacy At The Same Time

In a bold gambit to at least appear as if the reworking of the Regina Public Library’s Central branch is somehow as important as STADIUM STADIUM STADIUM, the City of Regina has asked the provincial government for $100 million extra to fund both projects. (CBC) Granted, the library is still being referred to as the RPL while the stadium gets its fancy “Regina Revitalization Initiative” title, but baby steps, here, people.

Well, maybe. It’s worth noting that the stadium money is also lumped in with capital infrastructure projects, like an upgrade to the wastewater treatment system. And it’s also worth noting that we know neither what the new library building will look like nor what the new stadium’s design will be, so really this $100 million could go anywhere, pretty much. Oh well! The future is an exciting and expensive place. So what if its architecture is shrouded in seemingly perpetual mystery and yet City Hall is expecting the provincial government to foot part of the bill?

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5 thoughts on “At Least The City Of Regina Is Thinking About Sports And Literacy At The Same Time”

  1. I’m pretty sure they’re looking at an open-air facility, the cheapest possible option. They pretty much said it today.

  2. I’d like to a referendum on the stadium, placed on this up-coming election ballot.

    There putting 14 million into Taylor now, soit should be good for another 10-15 years.

  3. “Oh by the way, the money for this project and this project and this project is coming out of an angel’s butt.”
    Translation: None of this is going actually to happen.

  4. Rather interesting….city council memo April 30/2012 cm12-4 page 5
    “The city of Regina currently has approximately 100 million in outstanding debt and a current debt limit of 200 million. While this limit could be incraesed, the city also has an IMMEDIATE capital requirements including a required upgrade to the waste water treatment plant that is estimated at over 150 million.”
    Throw on a stadium ….The city is a sinking ship!

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