No pick of the day today. Instead, here’s a heads up about a fun event that’s happening at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum on March 7. It’s called Artifact or Artifiction¬†and its a fundraiser for the museum that’s billed as a game of deduction, deception and discovery.

You can learn more by visiting the RSM website, but what it involves is the museum presenting 20 specimens from its permanent collection. Museum staff will be on hand to provide insight into the origin of each specimen, and it will be the job of the players to determine if the staff are telling the truth or if they’re feeding you a load of dinosaur poop.

In addition to the game there will be refreshments and live music by the alt-country band The Rusty Augers. The fun gets going at 7 p.m. on Thursday. Tickets are $50 and can be obtained by contacting the RSM at 757-5951.

To close, here’s video from last summer of the Augers playing a tune called “Bluegrass Breakdown”: