If you’ve visited the blog in the last while you’ve perhaps seen (and maybe even clicked on) the ads that the MacKenzie Art Gallery has been running about a contest called Bet Your Lucky Stars where people have a chance to win an original art work by John Noestheden.

A  former professor in the Visual Arts Department at the University of Regina, Noestheden (pictured) has for several years been fascinated by depictions of the starry night sky. These range from crude drawings done centuries ago by amateur astronomers up to modern day images of the cosmos obtained from the Hubble Telescope. In recreating these images, Noestheden uses Swarovski Crystals to denote each star, gluing them down on sheets of paper with help of assistants. When seen under gallery lights, the resulting works shimmer like the spectacular star fields they are meant to represent.

All summer long an exhibition of his work titled Sky has been on display at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. To celebrate the exhibition’s end, the gallery is giving patrons an opportunity to win a work by Noestheden called Single Fuzzy Blob. To enter, what you do is visit the gallery and view the work Milky Way Mirrors 24 X 36. Guess the number of “stars” on display in the work, and you’re a winner. It’s a daunting challenge, I know, but in addition to entering on-site at the gallery you can also submit guesses via Facebook and Twitter. So really, you have three chances to win. And unlike lotteries, where the odds are equally “astronomical”, there’s no cost to enter this contest.

To promote the contest, which closes Aug. 19 at 5:30 p.m., the MacKenzie is hosting a media event Tuesday afternoon. To learn more about the contest click on the adjacent MacKenzie Gallery ads or visit the gallery’s website.