[Self-promo herein. James made me.]

Matthew Blackwell, of Regina’s dearly missed Polymaths, started writing and recording under the name Architects and Builders in 2008. Since then, Architects has grown into a real-ass band, lately featuring John Cameron (These Estates, Polymaths) and myself (eating entire bags of Tostitos for breakfast). It’s been a slice, but alas, Blackwell is moving to Edmonton at the end of summer, so we’re gonna call it a just-under-a-half-decade.

So, two cool Architects-related things are happening tomorrow. The first is that we’re releasing our final record, the Joy of Cooking LP, which came together from July 30 to August 1 in a mortality-fueled blitz of arranging and recording. It’s coming out as a download on our Bandcamp page, and it’ll be absolutely free.

The second thing is that we’re playing our last show ever, which will also be free. We’ll be playing at O’Hanlon’s around 10 p.m.; BC’s Oh Village will be up afterward. (It seems that our set conflicts a bit with the Fainting Goat’s sure-to-be-great ’90s party, but as Blackwell puts it, “our set is already just a ’90s party,” so conflicted comers are good either way.) I suppose a third cool thing is that we’ll have some extremely rare Architects and Builders box sets available only at this show: both albums and both EPs, plus some bonus tracks and liner notes, for five dollars.

We can’t promise that both The Joy of Cooking and our final set aren’t just 40 minutes of “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”. But again, neither will cost you a dime, so you’ve no reason to not find out.