Arcade Fire And Spike Jonze Take On The Suburbs

Speaking of America The Broken….

Well, that’s left me feeling sad and scared.

Apparently Jonze has been working on this since April and I have to say it’s more proof the guy’s the master of making short films set to music. (Did you catch the Win Butler and Regine Chassagne cameo as the sherrifs?)

Author: Paul Dechene

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3 thoughts on “Arcade Fire And Spike Jonze Take On The Suburbs”

  1. Hey! This is really random, but the video you embedded didn’t show up in Google Reader. It tends to show YouTube, but it doesn’t always show some of these other video sites. The way Emmet posted his video here is a good way to make sure folks who use a reader see it: He has both the video, plus underneath a direct link to the video. (You probably don’t need to go to all the effort to link to both Vimeo and the user, but that was an elegant touch.)

    Just wanted to spread the usertips love….

  2. FWIW, Vimeo’s “embed code” function includes the links to both video and user. But I will cherish being called “elegant” –or rather having something I did, even by accident, referred to as “elegant” for a loooooong time. Thanks!

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