Apparently, Rider Nation Has Annexed The Whole Of The City

Great! The very day I’m packing for a return trip to Malta, the Leader Post drops a massive feature on the soon-to-open-for-realsies Mosaic 2.0.

It’s titled, “Building the dream: The long road to new Mosaic Stadium.” Online, that piece is connected to a slick video titled “Mosaic Stadium: The House That Rider Nation Built.”

That Rider Nation built? You don’t say.

There it is, happening right before our eyes, the creation of a civic myth. Funny thing is, like most myths, it may contain a kernel of truth but the bulk of it crumbles under scrutiny. Because, this heroic tale of Rider Nation (and the “people of influence” who lead it) building themselves a football home brick by brick with their own brawny hands only works if you leave out a bunch of numbers.

But I seriously don’t have time to get into the weeds on this on the blog right now. But! All day, as I’ve been prepping for vacation, I’ve been jotting down thoughts on Twitter (read: angrily ranting). And I’ve compiled those thoughts below…

See you a few weeks, Regina.

Author: Paul Dechene

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