If you were in Saskatoon, and were having your last supper, you might choose Park Cafe. I did and it was sinfully awesome. Yep, the legendary Park Burger was my swan song meal. I’m happy that the last food I tasted consisted of ample amounts of both grease and cheese. It set the perfect foundation for what was a fantastic last night in Saskatoon.  Look at that sucker.  Rapture indeed.

It was the start of a long night of friends and fun and a sunrise walk along the river.  Beauty.  You know what I won’t miss?  Mosquitos.  Unless of course Lucifer is reading the Dog Blog today and decides to throw biting insects into my eternal suffering repertoire.  It would still be better than Hitler’s pineapple every afternoon.

Time to get going.  A busy seven hours that starts with putting Achy Breaky Heart on repeat in my apartment, turning it up to 11 and leaving.  How do you like me now pricks on the second floor?  Kiss my ass.

Off to Winstons to watch the Bruins win the Stanley Cup.  In case you haven’t heard, the last NHL game of all time will be a one-off for the Cup.  Sorry Winnipeg, one Rapture too late!

Before I forget, please remember to max your credit cards out ASAP.