It’s generally not considered at all cool for a Saskatonian to admit they’re jealous of Regina (or vice versa), but here it is: I can’t believe you’re getting freakin’ Anvil and we’re not!

That’s right: one of Canada’s best/worst (really, it’s a coin toss) bands ever plays Regina on May 25, then Edmonton on May 27–meaning they have a day off, and they’re STILL skipping Saskatoon!

Want one more knife in my back? How about the fact that May 26 is my birthday?!?! My 40th birthday, in fact! How great would it have been to celebrate that cheesy milestone with one of metal’s all-time cheesiest bands? Sigh. Kudos, Queen City–and really, go to see this show! As a teaser, here’s one of the best (worst?) videos from one of the best (worst?) metal bands of all time.