INNOVATION? You want innovation? About the only new thing in yesterday’s Speech from the throne was that Lt. Gov. Gordon Barnhart read it off the screen of an iPad. (Leader-Post)

I AM THE GREATEST Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive co-ordinator Garry Etcheverry is one of the greatest geniuses of all time. Just ask him (Leader-Post). Never mind his crazy schemes on defense and installing smurfs at d-line and linebacker positions have left the Riders unable to stop the run and win the time-of-possession battles, and a pretty pathetic record – He. Is. A. Genius. And we mere mortals are not worthy to walk in his shadow.

ME, I BLAME MAUD ADAMS Who cares about the JFK/RFK/MLK assassination conspiracies or the 9/11 conspiracies? They pale next to the new burning issue of our time … who murdered the World Cup 2010 prognosticating octopus? (Hamilton Spectator)

YOU KNOW HOW BROTHERS ARE, ESPECIALLY WHERE IT RAINS ALL THE TIME AND PEOPLE’S MINDS GET WARPED Victoria cops were called in to break up a domestic dispute between two brothers fighting over the size of their steaks. (Victoria Times Colonist)

SPEAKING OF DUMB ASS THINGS GOIN ON IN VICTORIA … British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell gives away money to save his political hide. (

GUESS WHERE? A school official in Arkansas wants all gay people to kill themselves. A sex tape involving Mr. Family Values and some teenaged male meth head should be available in five, four, three … (NY Daily News)