Another Rosie Top Six On Thursday

1. DON’T DO THIS, WHITWORTH (OR CARL WORTH): NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS A former bigwig at a Boston television station embraces her inner Showgirl: her bosses, restaurant patrons and police aren’t impressed. (Boston Herald)

2. AND YET JIM BASILLIE IS SCUM OF THE EARTH TO GARRY BETTMAN Former Tampa Bay Lighting owner Len Barrie soaks current and former hockey players for millions of dollars in a botched real estate deal. (Globe and Mail)

3. CANADIAN CABINET MINISTER A GRADUATE OF THE SARAH PALIN SCHOOL OF GEOGRAPHY Note to our minister of defense: (1) It is NOT a short drive between Vancouver and Los Angeles, and (2) don’t say stupid things like that in front of open microphones and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Toronto Star)

4. ANYTHING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, AS LONG AS HE’S NOT MAKING MUSIC WITH THE BLACK EYED PEAS Intel hires (son of Sam I Am) for something or other. (CBC News)

5. AND THE OSCAR’S GOING TO GO TO … well, if we had our way, it would go to an animator who grew up in Yorkton. (CBC Saskatchewan)

6. WHO’S KILLING KATIE HOLMES’ CAREER? A couple of bogus stories about poor reception for her latest movie at Sundance … hmm … remember the scene in Citizen Kane where Charles Foster Kane finds his drama critic drunk, unable to review the show Kane’s wife is starring in, and Kane writes a blistering panning her and passes it off as the drunk writer’s byline? Hmmmm … wonder if there’s trouble at home … or if the Scientologists are undermining her until she gets her thetans under control, as one commentor suggests. ( Then again, Katie has done pretty well sabotaging her own career, thank you very much.

Thursday bonus: this is a YouTube video I’ve been playing over and over since finding it yesterday. It’s from a Roger Daltrey solo project done in the early 1970s, and I guess it really suits the mood I’m in today.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

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  1. re: item number 4

    1) the intel press release says “details weren’t available at the time” which is a hilarious way for a company to say “we have no idea why we are doing this except that he is a famous ringtone composer”

    2) has a mobile development company as well. it’s called “will.i.apps”

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