DENYING GLOBAL WARMING INVOLVES A LOT OF HOT AIR The part I don’t understand about this story is the ‘growing skepticism’ part (Globe and Mail). If the science is saying one thing, then who are those saying the other now?
SO MUCH FOR THE DOME SWEET DOME: Shorter Ken Cheveldayoff: We haven’t been able to convince Stephen Harper that the proposed retractable domed stadium would be a nifty place for a medium security penitentiary or a G20 summit and we’re too scared to anger King Steve, and we don’t have a plan B. (Leader-Post)
THE MOUNTIES ALWAYS GET THEIR MAN Under the Conservative government, the RCMP seems to conduct itself as if it, as a police force, should be feared more than respected. Considering who Harper has appointed as their boss it’s no surprise that the senior members of the force should be surprised at receiving a taste of their own medicine. (Globe and Mail)
‘HIS SPIRIT WILL LIFE ON, THE EARTH HAS TAKEN HIM” Long time Neil Young steel guitar player Ben Keith passed away at the age of 73. (Rolling Stone)
TIME FOR CANADA TO SEAL THE BORDER The Militiamen movement in the U.S. plotted to lunch a shooting war against Washington-state drug dealers, the use the money they seized in the raids to launch a Aryan war. More details here (Crooks and Liars). The scary part? The FBI sat on it’s butt until the first murders had been committed.
ACROSS THE BORDER Speaking of which, Arizona morgues are piling up with the bodies of the dead trying to cross the southern border (New York Times)
WONDER WHAT 10 DOWNING’S GOING TO DO FOR PASSOVER During a recent visit to Turkey, British Prime Minister David Cameron referred to Gaza under Israeli blockade as a ‘prison camp.” (CNN)