Another of Rosie’s Top Sixes …

ALL RIGHT, WHITWORTH, WHATEVER Jets fan Stephen Whitworth wants the world to be briefed about every development in the Phoenix Coyotes saga. Dunno what this means, except that the NHL wants to continue to spend money on keeping a hockey team in a market that doesn’t want hockey and using taxpayers’ money to do it. (Winnipeg Free Press)

YOUR OSAMA BIN LADEN DEATH ROUNDUP: He’s gone from President Obama to President Badass. And as for Bin Laden, let me quote Mark Twain: I never want to wish a man dead, but I have read several obituaries (The Telegraph) with great satisfaction. First of all, the compound: Amongst other things, Osama’s boys grew pot plants, drank tons of Coke and Pepsi, and chanted ‘Death To America’ a lot: sounds like a Canadian university student newspaper office in 1970 (Daily Mail). The timeline that led to the attack is here (The Guardian).

Keith Olberman, as usual, has about the best comment on here (Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog!) and Chaz at his blog has a few good points too. Apparently his father was a Navy SEAL. (Deus Ex Malcontents). So does Oliver Willis.

And a Guardian columnist wonders who the next bad guy will be for the U.S. of A.

AT LEAST THE NEW DEPUTY LEADER OF THE FEDERAL NDP HAS SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH SARAH PALIN Thomas Mulclair says there’s no photos of bin Ladin’s corpse (Globe and Mail). He also says it wasn’t JFK who was shot in Dallas that day in 1963: it was Bing Crosby.

AND SO IT BEGINS Not content with reducing the effectiveness of the long-form census, the new Conservative government now plans to get rid of the census altogether. (St. Catherines Standard).


MY EARS WISHED SHE’D STAY DIVORCED Shania Twain (‘Nashville’s most expensive lap dancer,’ as Steve Earle once called her) tells Oprah that she almost lost her voice in the depression following her divorce from her musical producer/Svengali Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange. (Daily Mail.) I don’t want to wish depression on anyone, and what happened was tragic from a relationship point of view, but there’s still part of me that thinks … if only it meant more airplay for Neko Case …

YOUR MOMENT OF ZEN Yesterday was May 4th, Star Wars Day. In its honor, may we present …. HARDWARE WARS! Part 1 …

And Part 2

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

5 thoughts on “Another of Rosie’s Top Sixes …”

  1. Mulcair should be entitled to his opinion; it’s not like he came off some delusional firebrand. I wonder why Solomon was asking the question anyway? Seemed odd.

    If there’s one man you wanna wish dead, it’s Osama. He was a velly bad man.

  2. P.S. Yes, it’s disturbing to hear Mulcair say that (though, if he’s right, we’ll never give Mulcair the credit), though I think it’s pretty important to note that Mulcair’s statement came in response to Evan Solomon’s awkward questions.

    The impression we’ve been given has Mulcair doing a violent 180–switching from some mild-mannered discussion about health care into a violent, convulsing rant about American military conspiracies. Not true.

  3. Okay, yeah, no. I watched the interview in real time. It was bizarre. Solomon asked the same question of him that he asked lots of guests that way and it turned into a seriously weird tangential meander that DID come off like a delusional firebrand. I thought Ian Capstick was going to have a seizure afterwards.

    In the end, though, it won’t be a big deal.

  4. Putting in yet another two cents’ worth about the census. The Household Spending Survey will NOT capture all that very important information captured in the long census. Once again our value has been reduced to what we will consume and spend.

    Goodbye to the information we / governments / the public sector need to make informed decisions. The first in a long list of public services to be slashed.

  5. @Matchbook: I guess we can agree to disagree on how a “delusional firebrand” comes off on TV. Also disagree it won’t be a big deal–come 2015, Mulcair as leader will hear his words repeated over images of a dead bin Laden, courtesy the Conservative Party of Canada. Mulcair’s leadership ambitions had better be toast. Dewar for leader!

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