1 UMMM, WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? Is it a strip club or soccer? Given that the Vancouver Whitecaps don’t know, it doesn’t look good for their on-field product … (Globe and Mail)

2 I DON’T THINK THIS WAS WHAT REPUBLICANS EXPECTED One of the side effects of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting legislation: More Wisconsin workers want to join unions (Huffington Post)

3 LUCK OF THE IRISH? Why real Irishmen and Irish women have mixed feelings – to say the least – about St. Paddy’s Day. (Toronto Star)

4 A BUMPY RIDE The City of Saskatoon reminds us that it’s pothole-rearranging season in Saskatchewan. (CBC Saskatchewan)

5 THE MONEY TREE Katy Perry’s mom uses the ‘Britney Speers’ mom’ plan for financial security – a tell-all book hassling Katy’s morals. (Daily Mail)

6 PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE Number of Japanese made homeless by the tsunami and earthquake: 450,000. Number of Americans homeless at any given time: 650,000. (PBS via Slog).