Another of Rosie’s Top Six

1 SOMEWHERE, PIECES OF SH!T DEMANDED AN APOLOGY FROM JUSTIN TRUDEAU Well, Justin, you took the attention off Peter Kent’s dismal performance in Durban and put the spotlight on yourself.

2 WELL, SHE MUST HAVE HAD A REASON The woman who was Miss Congeniality at the Miss Costal Vancouver Pageant a year ago didn’t show up for her court date yesterday. She was and 700 others were charged during the Stanley Cup riots. Apparently she’s going to plead fabulous! Guilty. (Global BC)

3 FAMILY VALUES A Wyoming state senator is charged in the beating of his mentally disabled son. (ThinkProgress)

4 IF YOU’RE A NEW YORK METS FAN YOU DON’T WANT TO READ THIS How Bernie Madoff looted New York City’s other baseball team. (Amazinavenue)

5 THE IRAQ WAR? WHAT IRAQ WAR? By pulling out of Iraq, the United States says the Persian Gulf War 2.0 is over. I would think a lot of Iraqis would beg to differ (The Guardian).

6 AT LEAST REGINA’S NUMBER ONE IN SOMETHING Congratulations to the Queen City for having Canada’s lowest vacancy rate! (CBC Saskatchewan) And it’s nice to see that the Saskatchewan government will ensure Charles and Camilla will have a place to stay (Leader-Post). You know, I should run this story every freaking Christmastime until Pat Fiacco and Brad Wall become destitute and get eviction notices. (prairie dog)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN “Not to know what it is, if you never had one/Home …” U2 ‘Walk On, at Slane Castle, 2001

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

4 thoughts on “Another of Rosie’s Top Six”

  1. #1: I don’t know whether Justin Trudeau drew attention away from “Peter Kent’s dismal performance in Durban”. There was too little said in mainstream media to draw that attention away.

    While Justin Trudeau did put the spotlight on himself, his explanation afterward to the media (along with the apology) was probably more enlightening about the duplicity and deceit practiced by the “HARPER GOVERNMENT” than anything else found in the mainstream.

    I know I would not have been able to restrict myself to one small curse-word.

  2. “Piece of shit” may have been a little crude. “You f*cking f*ckface” would have been more poetic.

  3. I’d go with ” Yaa Fukken useless piece of shite “. MF…
    But, our own Canadian JT is from PQ, so let’s be fair …
    Go to Google translate. English to French.
    type shithead. hit translate.

  4. See that little punk Trudeau trying to say he was sorry;sorry pretty boy; another Justin,Bieber has twice the class and hundred times th money. Nice Guy Fawkes look Assclown!

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