It’s true. Another candidate has come forward for Pat’s job and his name is Charles Wiebe.

Charles is a really nice guy. I just got off the phone with him. He’s a Cathedral resident and says he’s running because he wants to increase the community spirit in Regina. Concerns that are close to his heart include dealing with the housing crisis, sorting out the city’s many traffic and transit issues and supporting small business.

This brings the number of people running for mayor up to four: Charles Wiebe, Jim Elliott, David Loblaw and Michael Fougere.

And based on what I experienced today at Fougere’s press conference, Wiebe, Elliot and Loblaw have their work cut out for them. Holy crap! So that’s what money smells like!

Fougere held the gathering in the Delta Hotel’s Umbria Room. And it was full to bursting with the sort of people who have the easy confidence you only acquire if you’ve actually built or bought brutalist towers like the one you’re standing in. You could almost hear them thinking, “If I buy this place, I’ll totally have to change the rugs.” Wait, no. That was me. Those rugs are seriously ugly.

Anyway, I’m glad I wore the suit.

His speech was heavy on talk of the booming economy but light on social issues. And it was greeted with thunderous applause and even a round of cheers when he actually said the words, “I will be running for mayor.”

Flanked by several of his council colleagues as he met with press after the speech, Fougere did mention the importance of grappling with the housing issue. But beyond that it was much like the Mayor’s Valentine’s Day speech and the focus was clearly on the treasure.

Speaking of the outgoing mayor, he also spoke to the press and gave Fougere a rousing endorsement. So… like I said… if you’re not Michael Fougere, this election is going to be an uphill battle.