Another Boston Tea Party

Yesterday, the Boston Bruins were at the White House for a meet ‘n’ greet with U.S. President Barack Obama. The photo op, which includes a tour of the White House, is a tradition in American sports/politics for all championship teams in major sports like football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

The Bruins earned the invite after winning the Stanley Cup last June in a hard-fought seven game series against the Vancouver Canucks. For some players, I imagine it’s a cherished event. Others probably couldn’t give a rat’s ass about standing on a podium with the Prez. But teamwise, it’s probably generally regarded as an honour. In the NHL’s case, it’s particularly important because the league doesn’t enjoy a high profile in the U.S. and any bit of publicity it can get is regarded as a plus.

Now retired Bruins Mark Recchi and Shane Hnidy made a special trip to Washington to share the moment with their teammates, as did former Bruin/current Canadien defenceman Tomas Kaberle, who flew in from Montreal. But star Bruin goalie Tim Thomas (pictured above), who was instrumental in his team winning the cup, opted out of the visit. Not only was he a no-show, he issued a statement criticizing the American government for threatening “the rights, liberties and property of the people.”

Thomas’s actions have created a fair bit of controversy, with some people accusing him of being selfish, while others have criticized him for using the non-partisan event to advance his own libertarian political views. Here’s a link to the CBC report here.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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21 thoughts on “Another Boston Tea Party”

  1. Is this the clown who let in FIVE — count ’em, FIVE — against the Flyers the other night? Or is this a different Tim Thomas?

  2. PARANOID, IGNORANT FREAK. Next in line for a job at Fox News, behind Joe the Plumber and Newt Gingrich.

  3. Just as those who opposed Bush had the opportunity to voice their displeasure, so does the other side, represented by the one and only Tim Thomas. Freedom’s a hell of a thang, bros.

  4. It’s his right to opt out, AND to criticize government, no matter what his political leaning. Thank Jeebus we still have that right. I might not agree with his views, but I would defend his right to has/express them.

  5. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. (/parent’d) I’m okay with Tim Thomas not going, but I think it’s a bit silly. Why not meet with the President of the United States? It seems like too fantastic of an opportunity to pass up. Especially when you’re being honoured for doing your job of wearing a bear mask to work and stopping rubber discs from crossing into a magic zone. I’m sure if he asked super nice, Obama could slip him Ron Paul’s phone number.

  6. Re “… stopping rubber discs from crossing into a magic zone.”

    Well, 93% of them, anyway. Which is not too bad, I must admit.

  7. I was sorta bummed out that Chara was the captain instead of Thomas. I would have gotten a kick out having Thomas pick the goalies he would like to work with.

  8. Amen, Hallelujah, God Bless America… Of course he has the right, he’s just stupid. And a bad role model for kids: Showing up and disrespecting the President is okay, little Bruin fans. I thought he was a stupid immature chump during the Cup and now I know he is. You can tell by the look on his face. I guess the tax cut Obama gave him wasn’t big enough.

    In other news, I told you shit was afoot in Houston. Mark my words, but 2021, a 400-lb player/manager Mike Piazza leading the team while billionaire oil tycoons roam the outfield in Hummers:

    Man, talk about shaking up a franchise. New Houston Astros owner Jim Crane said he will consider a uniform change and a team name change when the franchise moves over to the American League in 2013.

    I read they’re also “relaxing” the rules on snacks and drinks fans can bring to the game. While this is obviously a good idea, it does represent a slippery slope: today, water and sun chips, tomorrow, crystal meth cocktails and uncured big game meat.

  9. #6 I agree.

    Why not take the opportunity to get into Obama’s grill and say it mano-a-mano?

    Bad display by a gifted millionaire, but his words are true.

    #9 if you ever go to Montre’al, some restaurants, that don’t have a liquor license, actually invite you to bring your own drink(s).

    A’porte votre vin.

    Winter 1/3 over!

  10. NEWS ALERT: The Bruins have issued a release to the media clarifying Thomas’s remarks. Apparently, what he meant to say was, “Stay out of the crease! Don’t screen me, guys! Clear the rebounds!” It just came out wrong, that’s all.

  11. Seems Thomas was talking about the entire American government system. The same system which allowed him to become a millionaire by age forty by working three hours a day seven months a year. All American Whiner,Timmy!

  12. In other news, the Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens are in a bidding war for President Obama’s playing rights.

  13. He is protesting a government which is currently in the process of dismantling human rights and this kind of action might make people take notice of such things. Now I’m sure if you asked him for a solution he’d say “Ron Paul” (and he’d be wrong) but that doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

  14. I think this can all be sorted out if we in the Prairie Dog Comment Club board a bus and head to Washington. We should probably hash out what style of granola bars to get in advance.

  15. #17 re: “He is protesting a government which is currently in the process of dismantling human rights and this kind of action might make people take notice of such things.”

    You are naive, to the extreme. If only it were that simple. Mr. Tim, alas, has no credibility. Zilch. He has made a fool of himself; he is a buffoon, a caricature. But why take MY word for it? It was expressed far more eloquently and with riveting bottom-line finality by one brianmouland. See: #15

  16. Thanks Nick just bothers me when some richie athlete or Hollywood type starts speaking for the common man

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