Another Alberta Oil Spill

As the Harper government moves to “streamline” regulations governing protection of the environment and fish habitat through provisions contained in Bill C-38, there’s news from our neighbour to the west of a 3000 barrel oil spill into a tributary of the Red Deer River near Sundrie, Alta.

The river is the main source of drinking water for the city of Red Deer (population 90,560) located just a few miles downstream from the spill location, and clean-up efforts are currently underway. For Plains Midstream Canada, the spill is the second in a little over a year at one of its pipelines. In April 2011, it had a 4.5 million litre oil spill near Peace River.

Here’s the CBC report.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Another Alberta Oil Spill”

  1. 3000 barrels ,reads so miniscule. How about, almost 1/2 a million litres?

    Is it a spill, or a fking shitty pipieline co.’s leak ?

    I would say that any new anti-pipeline
    protests , make complete sense.

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