And Then There Were Five

CannabisIIMid-term elections were held in the United States yesterday. In addition to all the senate and congressional seats that were up for grabs, voters in Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C. also weighed in on a referendum to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

Similar to voters in Colorado and Washington State in 2012, voters in those three jurisdictions approved the measure. Unlike Canada, where criminal law is strictly a federal matter, the U.S. has kind of a hybrid system, so even though cannabis is still a big no-no at the federal level and in most states (outside of for medical purposes), individual states can approve legalization measures.

You can read more in this Slate report.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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5 thoughts on “And Then There Were Five”

  1. I know there is some good things of having lawful use of recreational marijuana.
    What the downside they don’t want to advertise is more unecessary trips to the hospital and some negative impact on families. The police officers know all too well the downside of pot use.

    And yes…yay to Republicans who can push Keystone on a black version of Mr. Dithers aka the bumbling President Obama.

  2. I`m not as optimistic as you, Talbot. I don’t think they can fix EVERYTHING but they can pull the car up onto the road again and out of the ditch.

  3. Indy500 – No they can’t, I was joking. They can’t do anything. Approval for the Republican-led Congress was at 9% in July – The Republican-led Congress. And now they have even more losers there than in July. America is actually not doing all that badly, considering what Obama inherited. He just happens to be black, and the black man, like the female, cannot get away with what the white man can get away with.

  4. I mean, “not that badly”, aside from the pathetic wages and lack of job prospects provided by or not at all by America’s top corporations. Maybe they need more tax cuts? So even more capital can trickle down into executive bonuses. Politically, America’s a fucking joke. Of course with the calibre of people involved, we’re headed there, too.

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