And Sloan’s Regina Venue Will Be …

I came up with a fun game yesterday where friends would have to guess which venue Can-rock legends Sloan will be playing when they come through Regina in September. I would only answer yes-or-no questions, more or less. Both times I did this, it took far longer than I even imagined.

Why? Because Sloan are playing the Pump when they come through September 18, says their fan e-mail.

Not a bad thing, of course, just an odd thing. The Pump is, of course, the Queen City’s premier country bar. They’ve hosted a lot of live acts, including a bunch of acts that aren’t strictly country. But those are few and far between, making this a weird fit.

I’m not choosy, though. This is a great tour for the Toronto band to coming through on — in honour of the triple-LP rerelease they’re giving their 1994 classic Twice Removed, they’ll be starting every concert by playing the album in its entirety.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

3 thoughts on “And Sloan’s Regina Venue Will Be …”

  1. I miss that dog….
    there’s always some paper cutout of a person shoving a “metro” in my grill every time i go to work, Downtown. Usually while on the phone or ridiculously close to a free, obviously marked, dispenser of said rubbish
    One time i read it, not incited by the paperman but i regret it.
    They say on the prairies you can watch your dog run away for days but that joke is stale, for i blinked and you were gone, and i never fully appreciated you.
    i will leave a jar of Kim-chi on a stack of newsprint and a bowl of printer ink on my stoop.
    as glad as I am that i found out you were still viewable online I want you to come home, dog, it just isn’t the same.

  2. oh yeah, and i’ll brave the pimped out trucks, bowlegged brawds in belts for skirts, and the freepour atmosphere to see what could be called the best mainstream Canadian band since we were let on the radio, as a nation, eh?!

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