I came up with a fun game yesterday where friends would have to guess which venue Can-rock legends Sloan will be playing when they come through Regina in September. I would only answer yes-or-no questions, more or less. Both times I did this, it took far longer than I even imagined.

Why? Because Sloan are playing the Pump when they come through September 18, says their fan e-mail.

Not a bad thing, of course, just an odd thing. The Pump is, of course, the Queen City’s premier country bar. They’ve hosted a lot of live acts, including a bunch of acts that aren’t strictly country. But those are few and far between, making this a weird fit.

I’m not choosy, though. This is a great tour for the Toronto band to coming through on — in honour of the triple-LP rerelease they’re giving their 1994 classic Twice Removed, they’ll be starting every concert by playing the album in its entirety.