And In Other Terrible American News Today

This afternoon, evil Republican dumbfuck Rick Perry signed a bill effectively nuking abortion rights in Texas. From the Guardian:

Rick Perry, the Republican governor of Texas, signed into law the nation’s most sweeping new abortion limits on Thursday morning, in a move that is likely to be subject to a challenge in the courts. The bill, which will drastically reduce access to abortion in the state, failed to pass last month because of an 11-hour filibuster by state senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat. It was passed last week after Perry called a second special session to do so. “It is a very happy, celebratory day,” Perry said, before he sat down to sin the bill, at the Capitol auditorium, where the bill-signing ceremony was held amid tight security. “This is an important day for those who support life and for those who support the health of Texas women,” said Perry, a staunch anti-abortionist. “In signing House Bill 2, we celebrate and further cement the foundation on which the culture of life in Texas is built.” A dozen state troopers were stationed outside the building, alongside scores of protesters in orange shirts, carrying coat hangers and signs that read: “Shame”, according to Dallas News. Bill HB2 bans abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy in the state, limits the procedure to surgical centres, mandates that only a physician may dispense or administer abortion-inducing drugs, and requires clinic doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Only five of Texas’s 42 abortion clinics currently meet the new requirements.

Sigh. I suppose I’d get flagged as a terrorist on NSA lists if I printed up “Abort Rick Perry” T-shirts, wouldn’t I?

Okay, seriously: I know that some people like to pretend that their so-called “pro-life” ideology is a legitimate moral position but laws like this kill women and the fuckwits who fight for them must be stopped. And as we’ve pointed out before, a lot of these Texas-type pro-life dingbats live in Saskatchewan and would lurve to bring the same laws here. You can see their propaganda on city buses and billboards. Even Dog Blog has regular readers who think abortion should be outlawed (hi Seanbot!).

The Rick Perrys are out there and they want to fuck up our rights. You gotta be ready to fight ’em, people.

UPDATE: Check out this gif of abortion clinics before and after Texas’ new law. Via Daily Kos.


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

27 thoughts on “And In Other Terrible American News Today”

  1. “…sin the bill…” Come on, Guardian: I know you’re upset, but you’re also British.

  2. To be more serious, as befits the topic, it’s hard to make the case that the requirements listed above are harmful to the health of Texas women. If anything, they aim to make abortion safer. If 37 abortion clinics need to raise their standards, then they should.

  3. The new requirements will result in only five abortion clinics for all of Texas, which has a population of 26 million. That will kill women. If there was a genuine concern about medical safety there are other ways to address the topic–building more and better clinics, increasing funding, etc. But there is no concern for women’s safety. Republicans, religious leaders and other troglodytes can’t outlaw abortion (thanks to Roe V. Wade) but they’ve figured out can sabotage it. So they are. It’s all just tactics.

    This is a calculated attack on abortion access by extremists that has nothing to do with women’s safety.

  4. This has nothing to do with making women safer, Barb. The Texas Medical Association, the Texas Hospital Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have all said that the new requirements are unnecessary. It’s just a cowardly way to make sure these clinics close. The evidence we do have is that when women don’t have access to safe reproductive health care, their health does suffer. They get less cervical cancer screenings, less mammograms, and yes, if they decide to terminate a pregnancy, they may put their lives at risk to do it. As tragic, these clinics are also often the only place women can go for affordable birth control, which will also be out of reach to them when these clinics close.

  5. What strikes me most, in looking at the gif provided by the Daily Kos above, is the lack, both pre- and post-bill, of women’s health services in rural Texas. Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston have the lion’s share of clinics offering access to abortion (and, presumably, other health services), while the entire Panhandle is served by only two, in Amarillo and Midland-Odessa (going by the graphic above). East Texas gets to keep clinics, albeit many fewer, but everyone else is left flapping in the wind. In addition, the bill closes the clinics nearest to the border with Mexico, which may reflect yet another problem.

    Perhaps the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Hospital Association, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists should have been applying themselves to more equitable access long before this bill came forward.

  6. Or perhaps politicians who are not trained in medicine should stop trying to make decisions about what’s best for women’s vaginas.

  7. Oh, c’mon, Saylor, you can’t pin this on the organisations that have survived the Bush administration federally and a string of Republican nutbars in the state legislature!

  8. Oh, come on, Wagner, the provisions in the bill sound very much as if physicians and hospitals, or their representatives, were consulted and gave predictable input.The time limit on abortion, the insistence on limiting the procedure to surgical centres, and the call for physician-only dispensing and for tighter hospital privileges — you can’t tell me that doctors didn’t have a hand in this.

  9. We don’t need to tell you anything Barb. The fact the most physicians were against this bill is well documented.

  10. Thanks for the link, Bernadette; that’s much more helpful.

    Just for future reference, how much of a woman does one have to be to be considered part of the “women’s community”?

    Watch the judgement and name-calling, my dear: these things have a way of boomeranging.

  11. Amy: I’ve noticed that other folks who comment here tend to offer links when they make claims such as you have above…but then that would take effort, wouldn’t it?

  12. If you don’t know about the response of medical associations to this bill, perhaps you’re not in the best position to comment about the impact it will have on women’s health. You might want to use facts to inform opinion. Whether you agree or disagree with the bill for your own reasons is one thing, but the response from the medical community had been pretty clear and it’s irresponsible to pretend otherwise.

  13. Barb, if you aren’t part of the progressive women’s community that is not my fault.

    And I already have a mother, a stepmother and a motherinlaw so please save your advice for someone who gives a shit what you think.

  14. Dear, dear Bernadette save your spleen for the long list of other things/people that get your knickers in a twist.

  15. Barb, I know you’re a good writer, so surely you understand that when you call people “sweetie” and “my dear” it comes across as patronizing and condescending? If you are genuinely interested in having a dialog or constructive debate, try expressing your opinion in a way that doesn’t explicitly set out to make people feel bad. And if your goal is to goad people into being angry, then sadly, you are a troll and everyone would do best to not engage you in these conversations. People don’t respond badly to you because you have a dissenting perspective, but because of the the tone and bile with which you express it.

  16. OMFG, that’s hilarious! You think I’m angry? BAHAHAHAAAA! You kill me. And Amy’s right about your holier than thou attitude. But you really haven’t a clue about people, do you?

  17. You want to fight him and others? Then I dare you to print up that shirt and multiple it and then pass them around for free in the streets of Regina. I dare you! Who has the guts? Sorry to say it’s money where your mouth is time.

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