Gregory “G-Beat” Beatty mentioned them in a post you can spot just below this one — hello down there! — but I just thought I would lay down a little bit more info on the Paint Movement. See, I was supposed to interview the band on Thursday, but no one picked up when I called them a few times. No hard feelings, though; from everything I’ve read online, the band has been dealing with van troubles and snow storms while touring the country opening for Yukon Blonde. With that plus playing shows every night, they’re probably all busy enough.

Right now, they’re on their way back home to Toronto, promoting their new, self-titled second record along the way. It came out on Nevado Records, which you might recognize as the home of Regina’s own Library Voices. Both bands have also got some saxophone action happening on their albums. The similarities largely end there, though.

The one reference point, in reviews and their own press, is Broken Social Scene. They aren’t doing anything to discourage that on the new album, especially with BSS collaborator David Newfeld on as producer. He gives it the same mind-bending magic that he’s brought elsewhere.

At five or six members — I’ve seen varying accounts — the Paint Movement might not match BSS for excess, either a mark for or against the band depending on where you stand. Sonically, though, they’re edging up with some solidly crafted songs.