An Election Fraudsketeer Goes To Jail

From The Globe And Mail:

Michael Sona, the former Conservative staffer convicted in the 2011 robocalls scandal, was sentenced Wednesday to nine months in jail for what the judge called “an affront to the electoral process.” Justice Gary Hearn called his task “a difficult and troublesome sentencing.” The Crown had wanted Sona, 26, to spend at least a year and a half in custody for his role in a scheme to misdirect voters on the morning of the 2011 federal election.

Also, this:

Sona is a youthful, first-time offender, but that can’t be allowed to overshadow the seriousness of the case, Hearn said. “Individuals such as Mr. Sona, notwithstanding the lack of record and their apparently good character, must appreciate that this type of an offence is a affront to the electoral process,” he said.

“Apparently good character.” Huh. I must have misunderstood what “good character” means.

Learn more about the 2011 election fraud that benefited the Conservative party here.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

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  1. Just one of many angry, dorky, young Conservative span to crawl out of the Harper-era Tea Party-Bush/Cheney/Rove school of gutter/butthole politics.

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