Also Proves My Point

Two months ago to the day, we told you that obnoxi-awesome rock god Lou Reed hurt UK TV game show runner up Susan Boyle’s feelings by refusing her permission to sing one of his least rad songs on a US TV show.

Today, is reporting that not only did Lou never intend to hurt Susan’s feelings, but he wasn’t the one who nixed permission in the first place. And just to prove that he’s stand up, he has even directed the music video of Susan Boyle singing his “Perfect Day”.

Was going to post that video, but you can see it at the NYMag link above, and if we’re going to post a Lou Reed video, we might as well make it worth your while. Here’s Lou Reed being all honourable and shit, shilling for Honda:

and here’s Lou as an animatronic robot in his classic video for “No Money Down”:

Way to keep it real, Lou!

By the way, it’s worth noting that this news item was sent in to prairie dog HQ by the Original Wrapper himself, Mike Burns, a P-Dogger from way back when kids like you were still wet behind the ear.

Author: Emmet Matheson

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9 thoughts on “Also Proves My Point”

  1. First off, you have to admit, as scooter commercials go — and from the 80s, no less — that one wasn’t so bad.

    Second, I read somewhere he did that to fund the recording of New York. Which is a pretty good album.

    Mind you, that’s just what Lou says. And he’s been known to talk some shit.

    Now, if you want a total sell-out, there’s always Ringo trying to convince folk to eat their pizza crust first….

  2. Yeah, even though “Why settle for walking?” is such a corny line, the commercial is well-cut, and Lou is really, really cool when he says his line.
    That’s kind of what I love about him…Van Morrison could never get away with something like that, and Tom Waits wouldn’t have the guts. But Lou Reed, his persona is so contradictory to begin with that nothing ever seems out of character.
    Plus, he honestly loves (loved?) Honda motorscooters, as heard in the song “New Sensations”.
    Notice though that he changes the line from “GPZ” to “Harley Davidson” at this 1985 Farm Aid appearance!
    That’s my Lou!

  3. Yeah, me and Lou, we talked all this over over Dim Sum and really obscure imported beer last weekend in some obscure island paradise none of you will ever know about. He’s totally at peace with all of it. Namaste.

  4. Emmet, I cannot help but to think that the Lou Reed robot is involved in some sort of Dr. Manhattan-like escapade in Laurie Anderson’s boudoir.

  5. With the bonus kink that animatronic Lou hasn’t aged in the nearly 30 yrs since he was built, making it a weird Dr. Manhattan/Dorian Gray/Six Million Dollar Man pastiche. Somebody call David Cronenberg!

  6. Continuing the tradition of Disney attractions turned into movies, perhaps all of these ideas could be incorporated into a David Cronenberg Hall of Presidents film.

  7. I, personally, would pay money to see a fight-to-the-death between animatronic Lou Reed and animatronic Teddy Roosevelt. The switchblade vs. the elephant gun!

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