Almost As Good As Buying Books Is Reading About Buying Books

No question, if Erotica sections were filled with tales of book shopping with Pulitzer Prize winners, I’d be buying erotica. As it stands, the Paris Review is content to give me what I want.

Writer John Lingan browsed through a used-bookstore with Washington Post book critic Michael Dirda. The ensuing article is a great read:

Dirda’s haul had become unwieldy. “At this point, I get a box,” he said, and then disappeared around the corner, leaving me amid the walls of neon fonts and cartoon rayguns. When he returned he held up the old cardboard and explained, sage-like, “Always get one with handles.”

A little more evidence:

They’d both worked at the same crummy D.C. bookshop decades ago. “No money, we worked for trade,” Dirda explained. I took this to be the book-addict equivalent of being “in the shit.”

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Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

One thought on “Almost As Good As Buying Books Is Reading About Buying Books”

  1. Thanks for this, James: it’s methadone for book hunters.
    Just wondering, though: when Mr. Dirda dies, what happens to his book collection?

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