Prairie Dog has been tipped off to an alien invasion happening right here in Regina! Reports are currently sketchy but we will try our best to give the most accurate up to the minute news of this crisis.

The U.N will be meeting to discuss how the world will be dealing with this historic event.

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UPDATE! The aliens have made contact! They claim to have come in peace. However one of their own was captured upon arrival to Earth. Could this be the start of intergalactic war?!

UPDATE 2! The aliens have made contact again! We now know they are called the Second Conclave and they seem to be very concerned with the earth’s wellbeing particularly in impoverish places such as Africa and South America. The aliens have even been working with some nations,but won’t say which.

The biggest news to come from this broadcast is the threat of war and annihilation. If the nations and governments of the world do not cooperate the aliens are willing and able to destroy the world.

UPDATE 3!  Officials have a huge gives! They are giving peace a chance. How? By ceasing all further military activity. The Prime Minister of India hope in the future the world would see an intergalactic federation of the worlds.

Peace has officially taken hold across the world. The aliens appear to have what they wanted.

UPDATE 4! The aliens have taken over the airwaves after refusing an interview with the GNN. The missive directed at the world leaders stated that they are happy with the resolve in conflict. However they were attacked and will be seeking retrebuation.

The aliens claim no one other than those who attacked them will be harmed. Can we trust their word? We will have to wait and see.

UPDATE 5! World peace was short lived as the world is now at nuclear war. Russia and the U.S are no more, the countries have been wiped from the map. Surprisingly France is taking responsibility.

Before Russia was hit they retaliated, taking aim at an alien base on Mars!

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