Photo on 2015-05-06 at 09.23

This is my forehead at Bobbi Joe’s on 13th Ave.

Well… guess my predicted PC majority in Alberta didn’t happen.

I’m okay with that. Here’s hoping the NDP’s win signals that there are more surprises to come in this year of elections.

In other news, commenter Chris guessed correctly. I was at Bobbi Joe’s Café on 13th Ave when I wrote that post. They make a very good cappuccino and have free wifi — which I need because SaskTel tells me that we won’t have phone or internet at home until Thursday.

You know, I thought we were living in The Future! Shouldn’t SaskTel by now be able to go to their big wall of switches and turn on my phone remotely? Isn’t there some kind of “ray” they could shoot at my house?

Man, Thursday is like forever from now.

Anyway, you’re looking pretty good Regina. It’s great to be back.