I’ve just had one of those days where the world’s  too much to cope with and the only way to deal with it is to hide under the sheets with a friendly cat in arms reach for emergency cuddles. It’s a fitting day for an attack of existential angst, though. Today’s the day American politicians vote on health care reform. It’s going to be close from the sound of it, but the latest news is it’s going through thanks in part to the president issuing an executive order that only middle-class and rich people can have abortions the government won’t pay for abortions.

While this sorry tale limps to an unsatisfying apparent victory, here’s a video from the politics website Wonkette of some Tea Party health care protesters. These fucking stupid, mob-mentality vandals and anarchists concerned citizens have justifiably earned a lot of anger from reasonably intelligent, non-psychotic Americans (and Canadians). But let’s remember, they’re victims too. They’re just frightened, ignorant, powerless people angry about governments abandoning and betraying them who’ve been whipped up into a toxic froth by Fox News terrorists commentators like Glenn Beck.

The great irony and tragedy of this mess is that health care is for them, too. It is important to remember that.