Earth_Eastern_HemisphereSo I guess advance polls are open over the Thanksgiving weekend. If you’ve received a voter information card, and assuming the information on it is correct (which apparently it always hasn’t been), your advance poll location will be listed on it.

Unlike with previous federal elections, advance polls are open on Sunday as well as Friday, Saturday and Monday. That was a change the Harper Conservatives made in the Fair Election Act. It’s been speculated that was done for political advantage. Since polling stations are often located in churches, the idea is that the faithful will go to church on Sunday and then troop downstairs to vote. Find out more in this Ottawa Sun report.

There’s also some arrangement going on at the University of Regina where students who are in town to study can vote in their home riding by doing some write-in thing. Find out more in this CBC report.

So if you’ve got your mind made up, and want to cast your ballot before Judgement Day on Oct. 19, have at it.