Here are some guidelines for submitting print ads to Prairie Dog magazine.


Submit your ad as a PDF with fonts embedded. High-quality JPEGs or flattened TIFFs are also acceptable though not preferred.

Resolution should ideally be 300 pixels per inch. 150 is the lowest resolution we can accept.

All colour must be CMYK or grayscale.

Total ink coverage should not exceed 240%.

If any of these requirements are not met, your file might be rasterized and adjusted.


Submit your ad by e-mail to

Or send a link to a file sharing service (such as Dropbox).

Design TIPS

Please design your ad in CMYK.

We do not require bleeds, slugs or printers marks. You can build your ad to exact size.

Our paper stock is newsprint, so expect significant dot gain and a general dulling of colour.

Do not use blacks made out of all four colours. 100% K will give you the crispest result. Also, dark browns do not reproduce well.

Fine lines and small type may be in colour, but should use as few inks as possible.

White text on a dark background should not be too small or too fine. This works best when the background is a single ink.

Try not to create files larger than 10 MB.


Advertisers should read their advertisement in the first issue it appears and report errors in time for the next insertion. Prairie Dog magazine is responsible for only the first incorrect insertion.

Should an error be made by Prairie Dog that materially affects the view of an advertisement, an adjustment will be made.

Make-goods are equal in size to the affected portion of the original advertisement.