About The New Rob Ford Video…

I just can’t get offended by it. I think it’s hilarious. And frankly, without knowing the context, there’s anything scandalous about it.

Ford has moments of being genuinely entertaining. I hate his politics — his attacks on city workers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc., his demagoguery about “elites”, his “war on cars” bullshit — and I’m alarmed by his criminal connections. And yes, he’s making Torontonians look like idiots for electing him. He needs to go. For his own sake, too.

But this video just makes me laugh.

He’s not talking about literally murdering someone. It’s just an amusing potty-mouthed rant. I do those too, and people like ’em.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

11 thoughts on “About The New Rob Ford Video…”

  1. Ron, he flatly denied the existence of the video, which makes him a huge fat liar. You know, Bernie Madoff “made a mistake,” as did Charles Manson. All of them including Rob Ford, are huge morally corrupt failures and pigs and celebrating them in any way is what’s meant by “The Decline of Western Civilization.” Man, populism has REALLY hit the shitter this decade.

  2. This particular video, while embarrassing, is not, on its own, “scandalous”. From what I can tell, it seems he is talking with some guys about how he thinks he’d fare against a UFC fighter or something. “Those guys are pros man…” “No you just give me five minutes, I’ll murder him and make sure he’s dead!” (laughter in the background)
    I don’t know, just my guess. The video on its own is kind of silly…. but when placed into the context of the ongoing saga of Rob Ford, Emperor of Toronto, who dismisses his crack cocaine usage because he was hammered (because, as everyone knows, anything you do while hammered is totally okay and “doesn’t count”), it is far worse.

  3. i think he’s talking about getting the guy who made the crack smoking videotape

    and so we have Ford talking about how his morbidly obese self will physically prevail over a skinny street hoodlum; in reality, not very likely; and this is what prompts the offscreen comment, ‘these kids are pros’, as in, the person you are talking about, Rob, is a professionally violent person, so tone down the bravado, bro (even though we all know it’s the coke doing the talking)

    but lo and behold, one of the guys in the photo of Ford with the gangsters is now dead


    i think not

    the funniest part is that some other hoodlum surreptiously taped Ford (and then sold the tape for $5k) as Ford was talking about revenge on the person who had surreptiously taped him earlier

  4. It sounds to me like he’s preparing for the annual Major Challenge should the Argos make it to the Grey Cup.

    I hope they do make it and play the Riders. Are you up for it Mr Fougere?

  5. TFJ

    I did not type that I liked the guy .

    I Forgot to mention actual RF polls taken the other day. The results where that his popularity went up.

    I asked Why his popularity went up?

    12 days away JFK 50

  6. I listened to a recent tech podcast from winoscentral.com, it’s a father along with some of his sons and friends shooting the shit about tech and anything else in the world.

    Their podcast title reads Podcast-STS Tech Corner, Crackhead Mayor, My iPad 5, COD a Flop?, and so much more!

    Some USA residents would vote Rob Ford for president.

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