I can’t remember them all, because we’ve had our share and my memory isn’t that good, but Regina has been through some concert cancellations.

If you’re a band from the U.S. and you had to scuttle your show here, odds are good you had border problems. Kreayshawn, Off with Their Heads, Yelawolf, Screaming Females — all got stopped coming into Canada for one reason or another in 2012.

Canadians weren’t immune to touring problems. Aidan Knight’s Artful Dodger never happened thanks to winter problems. Kathleen Edwards had to delay her shows due to vocal issues. She came back later in the year and put on one of the best shows Regina’s seen in a long time.

Now, it looks like Hannah Georgas, who was supposed to support Edwards the first time around, is going to make her way back out here. She announced a tour today that will take her to Regina on Friday, January 25 at the Exchange.

Here’s a live performance of “Robotic” from her latest, self-titled effort.