A Web Browser Overheard

This gem comes from the second floor of Campion College on Thursday morning: “Safari is what a hipster drives. ‘But it’s retro cool!’ No, it’s a piece of shit.”

I think the implication here is that there is someone out there who uses a web browser simply for its ironic value. That person doesn’t exist.

Personally, I’m only pulling out Safari when Firefox is giving me problems with Gmail. But maybe I’m just a hipster.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

3 thoughts on “A Web Browser Overheard”

  1. I use Safari when I’m running on battery since it doesn’t try to kick in my discrete GPU. (Yeah, I can force the computer to use the integrated only but sometimes that feels mean.) I use Firefox when I get tired of Safari remembering all my stuff. Sometimes I switch to Opera if I need a boost to my superciliousness.

  2. You’re kidding yourself. Mac user or otherwise Safari, IE, Firefox have all grown too fat and bulky. Chrome or Opera unless you like it slow and poorly rendered.

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