Hello! As you know, Prairie Dog is a beloved and well-established institution and Regina (usually) does a great job of making us feel appreciated (Thank you!).


In our 20th anniversary issue next week, we aim to run a 20th Anniversary Card Of Supportapalooza. WTF is that, you ask? Basically, it’s like a magical birthday card that readers can buy to congratulate us for being old and still alive.

Is it a shameless cash grab? Well, maybe a little — but after 20 years of publishing a free paper I reckon we’ve earned the right to panhandle once in a blue moon. Besides, this is a good deal for you readers because we have a terrible track record of investing revenue in our newspaper rather than our bank accounts. If this thing is a success, you guys will benefit by having even better stuff to read!

Now, the bad news: we’ve promoted this thing for a month but so far, we only have six messages. Six!

Oh dear.

Okay, okay. I know for a fact that Prairie Dog is loved by more than six people in this city. So rather than cancelling the Card Of Supportapalooza and sulking, we’re going to chalk this dismal failure-in-progress up to shitty weather and general confusion — and extend the deadline to Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

(Which is fitting, because Saturday Feb. 2 is the actual anniversary of our first issue’s publication!)

Wander over here to buy a 20-year-old dog a small can of delicious love!

Thanks everybody!