1 LET IT BE TorStar’s Geoff Pevere imagines life if The Beatles hadn’t broken up in 1970. The answer: Spinal Tap.

2 “taH pagh taHbe’” As Chancellor Gorkon said in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Shakespeare sounds so much better in the original Klingon. A group of thespians in Washington D.C. are going to prove that (Washington Post). Thanks to the glory of YouTube, here’s what Hamlet’s soliloquy sounds like in Klingon.

3 BREAK IT TO HIM GENTLY – THE BEER BOTTLE OVER BURTON’S HEAD, THAT IS A movie about ex-Guess Who lead Singer Burton Cummings’ infamous run in with a drunk would-be stick-up artist in a 7-11 in his Winnipeg home town more than two decades ago gets its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Toronto Star) Can’t find footage, so I’ll instead show the trailer for the movie I really want to see, and will also premiere at TIFF: FUBAR II.

4 WHY STAY? The U.S. Army colonel whose article about the Afghanistan occupation and PowerPoint paralysis illustrates why there’s no need any longer for foreign troops in that country. (Foreign Policy Review)

5 BATTLE OF THE CENTURY Margaret Atwood versus Faux News North. Intellectually, it’s no contest (The Globe and Mail).

6 FREE TRADE MY AUNT FANNY Bruce Dowbriggen would have problems covering a nude midget stripper with a king-size duvet, let alone a news story. (The Globe and Mail) The truth of the matter is, American NHL clubs won’t hire Canadian broadcasters, (Rod Pedersen), so, realistically, there’s only five slots open for Canadian hockey broadcasters to get their dream job – six if you’re bilingual. And Pedersen should know – the best hockey broadcaster the Pats have ever had, was passed over for the Oilers’ job in favour of some numbnuts from Alaska. Well, they do have ice in Alaska … for now …