A Top Six That’s Going To Be More Like A Festivus Airing Of Grievances (Now With Nicey-Nicey Edits)

1  ANDREW, ANDREW, ANDREW… After stringing the Roughriders, the city and the province along for a calendar year, Regina Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer now says there won’t be any money for a stadium project (Leader-Post). Conservatives have always promised us more and delivered nothing. What else is new?

2 CLIP WANTS A NEW JOB Does Fred Clipsham have a pulse? Is he smart enough to pour pee out of his boots without having to look at the soles for instructions? Compared to Andrew Scheer, he’s overqualified to be Regina Qu’Appelle’s new MP (CBC Saskatchewan).

3 CARBON CAPTURE PROJECT DIES The problem may not have been the technology or that the feds abandoned the funding for the carbon capture project – environmental priorities have never been on Harper’s list. The problem was that Ottawa wouldn’t make it official, (canada.com) and left the provincial government holding the bag – they’re doing that a lot these days (see post number one). Ottawa’s doing to us what the Reavers were doing to the colonists in Firefly and it’s about time you started to realize that.

4 SPEAKING OF FIREFLY … Nathan Fillion really whacked the hornet’s nest recently when he mused about winning the California state lottery and reviving Firefly for the internet (BuddyTV). Firefly (FireflyWiki) had an excellent cast, great scripts, great direction and a vision of what the show wanted to say about life thanks to Joss Whedon, and gave the viewer something to think about long after the credits rolled. It was probably the best science fiction TV show between Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Battlestar Galactica reboot. But, as Paul McCartney once said about reuniting The Beatles, ‘You cannot reheat a soufflé.’

It’s also too bad for another reason. Jewel “Kaylee Frye” Staite, who played the hippie/New Age ship engineer on the show, is far too good an actor to become to Firefly/Serenity what Nichelle Nichols was to the original Star Trek franchise – someone so obsessed with the program and its fans that she’s unable to move on and, consequently, has no career to speak of afterwards (Jewel Staite’s Twitter feed). Yes, you were fantastic on the show (as was the entire cast), but you were probably channelling your personality, rather than developing a character – kind of like what Charlie Sheen was doing on Two and a Half Men before he turned into an F-18 riding a mercury surfboard.

And oh yeah, tell your human-eating friend (Wikipedia) that the poetry of Pablo Neruda never goes out of style. (Jewel Staite’s Twitter feed) Especially if you’re a single man and are cherchezing la femme in a Spanish-speaking country. (Wouldn’t recommend ‘Song of Stalingrad, however …)

BTW, you can take the Firefly Quiz to determine which character you are. (BuddyTV) For the record, I’m Shepherd Book.

5 YES. IT EXPLAINS DON CHERRY. SERIOUSLY. Bob Probert had brain damage. (Associated Press/Canadian Press via The Tyee) Marty McSorley thinks he does, too (Globe and Mail) … though the sound you’re hearing is the sound of the song “I Cry For You” being played on the world’s smallest speakers, currently in the possession of Donald Brashear.

6 THINNER. LIGHTER. MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER. I could be talking about Steve Jobs, but I’m actually referring to the iPad 2. Associated Press Via Yahoo)

MUSICAL INTERLUDE: While wandering through The Guardian’s Top 10 lists, I found a video for a Manic Street Preacher’s song  called “If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next”. Fantastic song, and a fantastic message in these days when history seems to be written in invisible ink. This is a live version, taken from the Jools Holland British television show, recorded in 1998.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

5 thoughts on “A Top Six That’s Going To Be More Like A Festivus Airing Of Grievances (Now With Nicey-Nicey Edits)”

  1. I want to be whichever character gets to snuggle Christina Hendricks. I know, I know, join the club, Whitworth.

  2. I got Wash. Damn straight I am a leaf on the wind.

    That MSP song is great and I keep forgetting how old it is.

  3. I still mourn the loss of Firefly. Why is greatness always stopped prematurely?!

  4. Firefly sounds obscure and obscurity should be acknowledged as such. As for MSP, wow, when This Is My Truth… came out in 1998, it followed three excellent albums I’d missed after 1992’s Generation Terrorists. I’d “outgrown” MSP after 1992 and dismissed the band, yet what they were making turned out to be incredibly mature, nuanced, complex work (Gold Against the Soul, Holy Bible, Everything Must Go). Finally by 1998, I’d caught back on to MSP, though come 2002’s Know Your Enemy, they started to suck. Thru the 2000s, they released a whole bunch of awkward, cringeworthily-named albums and songs, yet, suddenly, I read last week they recently put out two great, return to form albums in like 2008 and 2009. That’s twice now. I haven;t heard them yet, but I think the weather was they have another new one coming out. Hope it’s not another Ocean Spray.

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