When I wrote this post, the provincial election campaign had yet to be formally declared. Unlike at the federal level, where there seems to be no limit on how long a campaign can be (witness the Harper Conservatives 11-week marathon campaign last fall), election campaigns in Saskatchewan must be no shorter than 27 days or longer than 34 days.

Since election day has been set already for April 4, this event tonight at Central Library will fall within the time-frame of the campaign. It’s official title is Tale of Two Provinces: Voting In Saskatchewan & Alberta, and it involves a presentation by Saskatchewan historian Bill Brennan which will look at the divergent history of the two prairie provinces that came into Confederation at the same time, but have followed markedly different political paths — at least, until recently.

Brennan’s talk goes tonight at Central Library at 7 p.m. You’re asked to register in advance at the RPL website.

Following this talk, there’s another election-orientated event at Central Library on Thursday March 10. It’s drop-in event called Shhh, We’re Talking Provincial Politics and it will involve discussion of issues that are in play in this election. It starts at Central Library at 6:30 p.m.