A Sad, Sad Day For American Politics. And Us. And Whoever, Grrr…

Just when I felt like I had reached my patience limit for the current lunacy of American politics, the bar keeps getting pushed lower.  Apparently, working for the Republican Party and being homosexual CANNOT OVERLAP.  Mitt Romney’s national security spokesman Richard Grenell resigned Tuesday after questions about his commitment to conservatism as an openly gay, sexual rights activist.

It has only been weeks since Canadian gay rights activist Raymond Taavel was beaten to death outside a Halifax bar. Truly disappointing to add homophobes to the ever-lengthening list of right-infringers.

3 thoughts on “A Sad, Sad Day For American Politics. And Us. And Whoever, Grrr…”

  1. The place where he really crosses the line is being a Rights Activist. Republicans and human rights don’t mix.

  2. To be fair (unless there is new information I am not aware of) Taaval was not beaten to death for being gay but was killed by a person with mental issues.

  3. Not okay this guys behavior was unacceptable but so was the behavior of anti-bullying crusador Dan Savage who likes to bully Christian teenagers. Where is that story. Gay bullying on straights doesnt cut it here

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