Late to the party on this story but what the hell. I’ve been dying to use Awesome Klassen’s “old news” logo for months. And hark! Opportunity!

In a debate last Wednesday in Missouri’s House Of Representatives over legislation to allow doctors to turn down work that their faith says is icky, another dumb, conservative male politician said doctors neeeeed the right to refuse to perform any reproductive procedures that hurt their religious feelings.

And he said he knows what he’s talking about, because he has medical experience. He’s been in animal O.R.s with his veterinarian dad.

And through that experience he learned, um, something. I don’t know what. It makes no sense. I guess he thinks women are like pets or livestock?

The legislation passed, of course. Take a wild guess which U.S. political party controls the Missouri house.

My take, of course, is that if your religious beliefs conflict with your job, get a new job. But this tale comes from America, where religious rights trumpwomen’s rights, and people with bizarro superstitions must not be forced to make any compromises.

Anyway, you can read the story here.

And with that, good night.