G-Beat was so excited for Yukon Blonde and Library Voices’ 4/20 show that he decided to forgo a Pick of the Day today. Then, in the comments, a couple of real poindexters started talking about books or something in the comments. Boo.

But for real, checking out the Regina Symphony Orchestra’s book sale isn’t a bad idea at all. You can find more information about that right here.

But as for a night time activity, allow me to suggest one that I’m considering myself: Herb Exner and Dave Schneider are playing music down at O’Hanlon’s tonight. I’m not sure what this’ll sound like exactly, but since these guys are two-thirds of Regina’s dearly-departed Hot Blood Bombers, anything they do is worth checking out.

If you need a Hot Blood recap, here’s a feature I wrote on the band for the prairie dog back when they released their last album, Broke Traveling Hungry Love.