A Great Saskatchewan Story — Sort Of

Here’s a link to a short article in the sports section of today’s Leader-Post  by an unnamed staffer about a feature film that’s in the works based on a 2012 book called Sudden Death: The Incredible Saga of the 1986 Swift Current Broncos. The book was published by Dundurn, and was co-written by former Leader-Post sports writer Gregg Drinnan, a Bronco defenceman named Bob Wilkie who survived the bus crash on Dec. 30, 1986 that claimed four of his teammates lives, and a woman named Leesa Culp who witnessed the crash while the team was enroute to a WHL game.

The press release was issued by Trilight Entertainment, which is the film company that has aquired the rights and contracted Rob King to write the screenplay. The Leader-Post article was pretty much a rehash of the press release, although it did leave out one quote  by Trilight Entertainment’s Holly Baird. It’s reproduced below:

It’s just a shame that due to recent decisions made by the Saskatchewan government and its continuing promotion of instability in the Saskatchewan film industry, we have to look at other jurisdictions in Canada to shoot this amazing story, which took place in none other than the Premier’s hometown.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “A Great Saskatchewan Story — Sort Of”

  1. Well the upside of shooting it outside of Saskatchewan is Premier Brad won’t muscle in for a cameo, like he did on “Corner Gas”.

    Of course the downside is all that spending and employment will take place outside Saskatchewan.

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