A Graffiti Challenge

It’s mostly in the headline to this CBC article: “Graffiti-proof mailbox arrives in Regina”. The quick post describes what should make it so effective:

The new box has a colourful design that thwarts graffiti. There is no real blank space for graffiti and, if the box were to be marked, the graffiti would tend to be lost in the busy design.

For whatever reason, this just feels like a challenge to me, like the CBC, Canada Post, and Regina city council member Fred Clipsham are daring graffiti artists to even try, just try to tag these mailboxes. It’s like the laziest of heist movies, where a T.V. reporter or a newspaper will say stuff like “The most secure safe known to man …” or “The mean owner of the evil casino declared his vault ‘impenetrable’.”

If I were a burgeoning Regina Michael Caine of graffiti, tossing around a phrase like “graffiti-proof” would be like painting a big, busily-designed target on mailboxes.

That said, no one should actually mess with these mailboxes. Lord knows the mail system has enough on their hands already.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

10 thoughts on “A Graffiti Challenge”

  1. All future buildings in Regina will need to incorporate a graphic design to thwart the social scourge that is illiterate graffiti-wait, does graffiti have 2 “Ts” or 2 “Fs”? At any rate, thoze new boxes are just keeping with the tymes: all the kids are wearing graffic-design’ed bunny hugs and/or hoodies. This is just like that, only for mailboxes. PS – I didn’t realize mailbox graffiti was that big of a problem. They should make them tip-proof. Verdict: The awesome factor is high.

  2. I think the trick would be to get a can of the background red and strategically spray paint Canada Post’s design out to make your own design.

    It’d be like negative graffiti.

  3. camera in the Mboxes too just waiting..

    Don’t blame the Mothership.
    Fed crown tv reporting on a fed delivery co. crown, for a steve who thinks he should be wearing one.

  4. Like Paul said, what’s the protection from spraying on a mono-colour background for your graffiti first? Someone with 1 spraypaint can still has room in his other hand for a 2nd colour of spraypaint…

    Why not put “Anyone who graffiti’s this box is dumb” on it? Then by tagging it, they’re agreeing with the statement that they’re not smart, plus everyone who passes by will know too.

  5. A couple of months ago, the Performing Arts Centre on Angus had their doors painted in this busy pattern. Want to take a crack at them, too?

  6. One reason out of many to love William Gibson’s writing: in his novel, “All Tomorrow’s Parties”, he describes smart material, an exterior finish that eats graffiti. Speed the day.

  7. The CBC story is only half-reported.

    Today I confirmed with Canada Post that the full-city roll-out for these boxes is still slated for 2013. The ones that have already arrived have been brought in on a piece-meal basis to replace damaged units.

    Moreover, it’s not just a matter of aesthetic. The units do have some properties built into them that make them graffiti-resistant (although from the sounds of them it’s really more like they’re easier to clean graffiti off than anything; I don’t think any material is truly 100% resistant to everything a determined tagger could use).

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