It’s mostly in the headline to this CBC article: “Graffiti-proof mailbox arrives in Regina”. The quick post describes what should make it so effective:

The new box has a colourful design that thwarts graffiti. There is no real blank space for graffiti and, if the box were to be marked, the graffiti would tend to be lost in the busy design.

For whatever reason, this just feels like a challenge to me, like the CBC, Canada Post, and Regina city council member Fred Clipsham are daring graffiti artists to even try, just try to tag these mailboxes. It’s like the laziest of heist movies, where a T.V. reporter or a newspaper will say stuff like “The most secure safe known to man …” or “The mean owner of the evil casino declared his vault ‘impenetrable’.”

If I were a burgeoning Regina Michael Caine of graffiti, tossing around a phrase like “graffiti-proof” would be like painting a big, busily-designed target on mailboxes.

That said, no one should actually mess with these mailboxes. Lord knows the mail system has enough on their hands already.